14 Phere Movie Review: Ancient History with Entertaining, But Entertaining Movies

You must have often heard that there are seven rounds in marriage. Seven vows are taken to fulfill seven births. But this marriage is a little different, in which there are fourteen rounds, not seven. Fourteen rounds instead of seven? What do you think about this? This question should also arise in your mind. Actually, the answer to this question is in the story of this movie. Its tradition is the prestige of the so-called rich families as a family. To preserve this tradition and prestige, these families also sacrifice their loved ones many times. Here killing in the name of honor, that is, honor killing, is a minor thing. How two loving couples born into similar families indulge and marry in his presence even without the consent of the relatives, has been shown in an interesting way in the movie ’14 Phere ‘.

Vikran Massey and Kriti Kharbanda’s film ’14 Phere ‘has been released on the OTT Zee5 platform. It also stars actors such as Gauahar Khan, Jameel Khan, Vineet Kumar, Sumit Suri, Manoj Bakshi, Priyanshu Singh, and Sonakshi in major roles. Devanshu Singh is the director of this 151-minute film. Watching the beginning of the movie ’14 Phere ‘, one remembers the Priyadarshan movies, but as the movie progresses the story becomes quite predictable and complicated, which seems like a mix of many similar movies. Director Devanshu Singh tries to weave together many poignant themes like caste, honor killing, and dowry through social comedy, but he doesn’t live up to the audience’s expectations. Yes, the movie has definitely gotten entertaining amid the old story and the weak climax.

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Vikrans Massey and Kriti Kharbanda have major roles in the film ’14 Phere ‘, directed by Devanshu Singh.

Story: Bihari Rajput and Rajasthani Jatani Love Story

The story of the movie ’14 Phere ‘revolves around Aditi Karwasara (Kriti Kharbanda) and Sanjay Lal Singh (Vikrant Massey). They both study at the same university, but Aditi is Sanjay’s final year student. At the university itself, a love story occurs between the two. After finishing their studies, they both get a job in the same company. They both live live, but decide to get married. Sanjay is from a Rajput family from Bihar, while Aditi is a Jat from Rajasthan. Their families will not tolerate any form of marriage outside of their castes. Aditi wants him to settle in the United States with Sanjay after marrying in court, but Sanjay does not want to leave his mother and settle abroad. He tells what will happen to his old parents without him. In such a situation, both of them plan to marry while remaining in India.

Sanjay, a theater buff, finally finds a solution to this problem in the theater itself. They plan their marriage by introducing each other’s families to false parents. For this, two theater artists are sought. A veteran theater artist Amay (Jameel Khan) is sought to play the father. Sanjay convinces the actress from his theater group Zubina (Gauhar Khan) to play the role of mother. These two actors meet Aditi’s family for the first time, becoming Sanjay’s parents and confirm the relationship there. After this, becoming Aditi’s parents, they meet Sanjay’s parents and confirm the relationship. Like false parents, false relatives, who are your office colleagues, are also groomed. According to the plan, they must marry twice.

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For the first time, the marriage takes place in Delhi in the presence of the royal family members of Sanjay and the false ones of Aditi. Aditi goes to her in-laws’ house. There she is very happy to have her mother as a mother-in-law. Here, too, preparations for her marriage are taking place at Aditi’s house. Meanwhile, Sanjay’s younger brother gets to know his reality. But instead of telling family members, he supports them. The next wedding will be held in Jaipur amid dramatic events. In this, members of the Aditi royal family and the Sanjay forgery are involved. Meanwhile, her secret is revealed and Aditi’s family members take the bride and groom hostage along with the bride and groom. Try to kill them in the middle of a long dialogue. This is the climax of the movie. After this what happens next, if this information is provided, the fun of watching the movie will be ruined.

Movie Review: The movie rests on Vikrant’s strong shoulders.

Vikrant Massey is a talented and talented actor. The whole movie rests on his strong shoulders. His acting, body language, eye movement, and facial expression are all superb. He has played the character of a simple boy from Bihari Rajput who is in love with his girlfriend, but does not want to leave his parents and go abroad. Kriti Kharbanda looks great with the bride’s dress. His screen presence is amazing. But Vikrant’s performance seems dwarf in front of him. Even in the character of a bold and fearless Jat girl, her gesture does not seem effective. The dialogues and individual performances between Jameel and Gauahar as stage actors are worth watching. His humor is appropriate according to the character. Yamini Das as Sarla has played the role of Sanjay’s mother very well. Even after speaking less, he leaves his deep impression on the film. Vineet Kumar also looks amazing in the role of Robile and Thasakdar Rajput.

Director Devanshu Singh, himself a screenwriter, has not lived up to expectations. His latest film ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’ received great recognition, which he could not follow in ’14 Phere ‘. If the direction had been adjusted, the movie would have been very good. Riju Das’s cinematography is excellent. The music of Rajeev V Bhalla and JAM8 is ineffective. There is not a single song in the movie that can lift the tongue. According to the characters in the story, music is also unsuccessful in expressing emotions. Despite all this, it is a family movie, which you can see sitting at home with your family. The movie is so clean that even on the honeymoon, the hero turns his back on the hero. Overall, the movie will definitely appeal to those who like to watch family dramas.

iChowk.in Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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