15 thousand tickets were sold before the 20 days of the Hollywood movie Avatar, Tsunami is about to hit the box office!

In December, when the northern regions of the country begin to get freezing cold, a storm of Hollywood cinema will rise that is capable of sweeping all the box office figures. The name of the movie is Avatar: The Way of Water. Actually, this is the second part of the Avatar franchise. The first part had created such magic that the whole world including India is eagerly waiting for the second part. At present, there will hardly be a film like this in the history of cinema whose second part has been expected like this. Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? Due to the question, something similar was expected in the country for the second part of Baahubali by SS Rajamouli.

The second part of Avatar is being released very widely in the country. In other countries of the world too. In India it will be dubbed and released in six languages. These languages ​​are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Avatar is created by James Cameron. How much is the hype for a Hollywood movie in the country, you can understand very well from your early booking. In fact, the release of the second part of Avatar will take place in the second week of December, but the advance reservation began about three weeks before. Curious that this advance reservation was only for the premium format during the first three days. 45 for screens. But the premium format has come home. 15 thousand tickets were sold in three days.

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In addition to the premium format, the advance reservation of films in all other formats began from Friday. Avatar can break the records of all Indian and Hollywood movies in terms of earnings in the country. Actually, there are many Avatar entries. And there is eagerness in the public to see it. Due to Avatar, the response that is being seen at the box office in the month of December is a good sign for the movie business. Even 13 years ago, when the first part of Avatar was released, there was a similar impatience among people. The film had destroyed all established records of the business. How is Avatar going to open at the box office? It’s hard to predict right now. But this is sure to turn out to be a blockbuster of blockbusters. Avatar: The Way of Water is science fiction. It stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, and Kate Winslet.

What was in the movie that came out 13 years ago?

The film, which appeared under the Century Fox banner, stunned trade pundits 13 years ago by earning more than $2 billion worldwide. Embellished with excellent visual effects focusing on the battle of good and evil, the movie equally entertained all audiences around the world. Everyone was shocked to see this. Actually, this story is ahead of schedule. Life on two planets and the differences between them, greed and colonization is the story. A few light years from Earth lies a planet called Pandora. The people of Earth have been in contact with Pandora. They want to get all the information from there. He wants to bring his valuable things and secretly wants to make his colony there. The people of Pandora are weird. Its color is blue and the texture is a bit like humans. The people of the land consider them inferior to themselves. Avatar is actually a mission to Earth for Pandora.

Life on Pandora and its climate are completely different from those on Earth. The Earthlings have come there in the name of service, but little by little her eyes are on squeezing out Pandora’s valuable heritage. Meanwhile, a young man on an Avatar mission falls in love with a Pandora girl. Dimkat begins when the Avatar mission men attack Pandora. The people of Pandora feel betrayed and decide to resist. Here, in the Avatar mission, some people protest against the atrocities of Pandora, but no one listens. Despite this, the earthling who loves the girl from Pandora rises up to fight his own people.

How the people of Pandora resist injustice for their independence and sovereignty in the film – this is shown in the story. Now it will be a theme that will be seen in the second part, the filmmakers have woven a plot to show the fight of Pandora. So far there have been many videos of the second part that, like the first part, inspire confidence with a good story, good content and good visuals.

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