20 years have passed since the musical hit ‘Tum Bin’, Jagjit Singh has recorded several times for the song ‘Koi Fariad…’

Main characteristics:

  • Jagjit Singh kept coming to the studio for several days to record and sing ‘Koi Fariad…’.
  • Chitraji has sung the title song of the film, he has recorded the song in a single take.
  • Nikhil Kamat felt that Jagjit Singh wandered for several days with the ball without any complaint… after which he ended the song at different intervals.

Mumbai: Anubhav Sinha’s musical hit film ‘Tum Bin’, released on July 13, 2001, has completed 20 years. Even today the songs of this film are the favorite songs of every music lover. Especially ‘No Complaint…’ is sung by Jagjit Singh. Although all the songs of this film were well-liked by the fans. The evergreen duo of Nikhil-Vinay has composed the music for the film.

Today, on the completion of 20 years of this film, Nikhil Kamat has shared some interesting cases related to the film. The most interesting of these cases is related to the song ‘Koi Fariyad…’. This song was sung by Jagjit Singh in five different projections. Nikhil Kamat says that when Jagjit Singh sang the song for the first time, he was not satisfied with it, he himself came to the studio and said let’s re-record the song. It was as if he was walking alone with this song.

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The song ‘Koi Fariad’ by Jagjit Singh in the film was based on the love anthem of that time. Nikhil Kamat says that the love story in the film had become too serious so it was decided to take Ghazal as a mature song. After which it was decided to give this ghazal to Jagjit Singh as he was the only person who could do justice to this ghazal. Jagjit Singh really liked this ghazal when we heard the lyrics of this song. If the film was for youngsters, then the voice would have been kept new. Gave some fusion music.

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Regarding the complaint about the superhit song of the film, Nikhil Kamat says that Jagjit Singh came to the studio several times and dubbed the song. We were already satisfied, but he himself would come to the studio and ask us to sing again and again. Thus our Jagjit Singh sang in five-six intervals of this song sung in different moods on different days. Which took only ten days to edit.

There is also an interesting case in the making of this film’s hugely popular title song. Nikhil Kamat says, “When the title track came out, Chitraji came before my eyes, because I felt that Sandali Sinha’s voice was similar to that of Chitraji.” This song is sung very well by Chitraji. So when I reached Chennai they asked me to come back a little bit, I was rehearsing. When we returned to Chennai, Chitraji sang this song in one go.

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Tum Bin, directed by Anubhav Sinha, starred Sandali Sinha, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Himanshu Malik and Rakesh Vashisht in lead roles. The special thing is that all these actors of this film made their debut in Bollywood.

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