30 Years of SRK: 5 Important Life Lessons to Learn from Shahrukh Khan

‘If you want to become something in life, achieve something, win something, always listen to your heart, and if there is no response from your heart, close your eyes and take the name of your mother and father. Then you will see, you will be able to achieve all the destinations, each difficulty will become easy, the victory will be yours, yours alone. ” This dialogue from film actor Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ is the philosophy of his life. He has served 30 years working in the film industry. Today, ‘Romance King’ Shahrukh Khan, who is called Bollywood’s ‘Badshah’, was released 29 years ago on June 25, 1992. In this smash hit film, he was joined by the chocolate hero Rishi Kapoor of his time and Divya Bharti, the heroine who exemplified beauty.

Shahrukh Khan has seen many ups and downs in his 30-year film career, but he has never given up. He continued to work hard, continued to impress the filmmakers with his dedication, winning the hearts of the audience with his performance. If something has not changed in the life of Shahrukh Khan, who began his acting career on television, it is his way of thinking, which is very positive. It remains the same today when he began his career. SRK, who has established himself as a family man, has always shown that he loves women very much. Respect them a lot. This is the reason why most of his millions of fans are girls and women. Everyone is crazy about his style.

Bollywood’s King of Badshah Romance, Shahrukh Khan, has completed his 30 years in the film industry.

These 5 things must be learned from the life of SRK, who has come through such a long but successful journey in Bollywood …

1. Do not live in fear: –

Shahrukh Khan’s life is like an example in front of us. For a boy from Delhi to come to Mumbai to make his first place in the film industry and rule it as king after a few years, this is as easy to say and hear, as it is equally difficult to do. SRK, who began his career with a television series, never lived in the shadow of fear of failure. Whatever job he got, he kept doing it with his hard work and dedication. Little by little it got to the point where even the Bollywood emperor began to challenge Amitabh Bachchan. At this moment he is going through the most difficult phase of his career, but even then he is not afraid and faces it with courage. There is a very famous saying of Shahrukh: “If you live in fear, everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That is why we must also live our lives without fear as Shahrukh. Success and failure are like night and day.

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2. Learn to laugh at yourself: –

We can improve by laughing at ourselves and making fun of our shortcomings. Anyone can laugh at others, that’s the easiest. If you want to learn to laugh and make your personality unique and strong, then you have to learn to laugh at yourself. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan also believes that one should learn to laugh at oneself from time to time. He says, ‘Learn to laugh at yourself whenever you get the chance. If you have learned not to take yourself seriously, no matter how old you are, you will immediately disable the force that is eager to defeat you. Shahrukh was looking for a good movie for the past three years. After the movie Zero was defeated in 2018, many good projects got out of hand. Because of this, some people started making fun of him on social media. But SRK never took it seriously. On the contrary, the answer was given in such a way that the person who asked the question was embarrassed. We should learn this lesson from Shahrukh.

3. Failure is a good teacher: –

“Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.” That is, ‘Success is not a good teacher, but failure makes you humble.’ This statement from Shahrukh Khan is life’s greatest lesson. We often consider only two parameters of happiness in our life, success and failure. If you are successful, you are still happy. If you fail, it seems like life has gotten heavy. Some people are afraid of failure and end their life. But we must understand that as much as we can learn from our failure, we can never learn from success. Just look at Shahrukh Khan’s career. Once upon a time, we were at the peak of success, but today we long for a hit movie. Even in such a situation, he has not given up. It took time, but after three years of shooting the right movie, Pathan. Working on many large film production projects.

4. Despite being simple, it is special to keep moving forward: –

Being ordinary doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. This is not an excuse to be lazy. That doesn’t mean you never do something extraordinary. Is it about who you are? believe that it is okay to play soccer; Enjoy the game, not reach the selection. Likewise, it’s okay to fail, but instead of stumbling and falling, it’s life to keep moving forward, sweeping the dust off your body. Shahrukh Khan says: ‘My driver is my hero. He works almost 24 hours a day. That is why it is not special to be special, it is special to keep walking towards your goal being ordinary. SRK’s character in the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ says: ‘Today he is also convinced that, like our films, everything is going well at the end of our life, Happy Endings. And if it’s not right, then it’s not the end folks, the image is yet to come.

5. When nothing is wrong in life, don’t panic, be patient: –

You must remember this dialogue from Shahrukh Khan’s movie Baazigar, “Sometimes you have to lose something to win and the one who wins by losing is called Baazigar.” We often lose a beat in our defeat. They get so angry that the future looks bleak. But it is said that for a long jump you have to go back two steps. Therefore, the bad times must be cut with patience. For the past three years, Shahrukh Khan has been going through a time that is very difficult for him. But moving forward with a lot of patience and faith. People make fun of him on social media too, but instead of getting angry, SRK is giving him accurate answers. A user asked him on Twitter: ‘Aap bhi also unemployed, you sir … like us?’ On this, Shahrukh said: “Those who do nothing, do wonders.” Imagine, if you were in Shahrukh’s place, what would you have answered? Well, you need to learn from this incident. Shahrukh himself says: ‘There will be times in your life when nothing will turn out right, but don’t panic. With a little shame, you will survive in it.

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