5 achievements and a side effect of The Kashmir Files!

With the passing of each day after March 11, people watched The Kashmir Files add one by one to their earnings records. The film, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, grossed over 238 million rupees. These are the Indian box office figures. A movie that hardly anyone would have imagined to earn even 100 million rupees. Naturally, people are surprised to see huge profits.

The withdrawal of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the disintegration of the ‘Caliphate’ in parts of the Middle East, the destruction of Pakistan, the high incidence of terrorism and the destruction of Sri Lanka by corruption, the Ex-Mullim Movement in the South Asian countries, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, in the world The creation of an anti-Muslim atmosphere, for several valid reasons, the electoral victories of the BJP in four states, including UP, and the stupendous success of The Kashmir Files, has established a new ideological era in Hindi cinema. If you are reading then it may seem to you what is the direct relationship between cinema and politics, which was linked to the success of a film.

Cinema and politics have always had a direct relationship. Politics has been deciding the bases of the ideology of cinema or of all the arts of any time. British Indian cinema was Gandhian. This was Gandhi’s influence on politics. Another thing is that during the time of slavery only religious and historical films were made. After this, in the history of independent India, due to the individual victories of the Congress under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru, the ideological voice of cinema became Nehruvian socialism. There is no religious division in Nehru-era films and rural Indian life seems to try to associate itself with urban India.

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Anupam Kher.

The Emergency affected the cinema for a brief period, but the return of Indira and subsequent victories in Congress managed to preserve Nehruvian socialism. However, during this period the left also slowly merged with Nehruvian socialism. After this, for the first time, there is a big ideological shift, just before the early 90’s. The Congress started to disintegrate into Borforce, the rise of reserve politics and the Ram Mandir movement. You see, when Congress disintegrated, the left began to dominate and replace the film ideology of Nehruvian socialism.

The compulsion of Hindi cinema is to assimilate the idea of ​​New India.

But Modi’s coronation in 2014 marked the beginning of a “nationalist ideology” in cinema. The base of this cinema ideology is externally Indianism, which in fact advocates localism, but adds Hindutva to it. ‘Hindutva’ itself makes it theoretical as well. The nationalism of any country is decided by the majority population, whose duty it is to provide humanitarian facilities to keep minorities in it.

The reasons mentioned behind the success of the film in the second paragraph are a clear indication that now India’s new ideology is Hindutva, around which not only the BJP but the entire opposition except the Muslim parties seems to be making politics. The only difference lies in the level of openness of the people and their confusion. In the coming days, that clarity will also increase in the opposition parties if they have to do politics in the country. This is the ideology of India, so it is the compulsion of cinema to assimilate it or drown in the trough of business.

It was already culturally present in the cinema of the South, which was already becoming more pronounced and articulated five years ago. Except for a limited section in Bollywood, the rest continued to ignore him. Many examples can be counted in this ignorance when superstar stardom collapsed and stars who hoped to end their careers became superstars by capitalizing on the new time. Ignoring the producers had to bear the brunt. No film by any Khan star has been a box office success in the past five years.

Some production companies close to Khan’s stars have also suffered heavy losses. While once the center of the entire economy of Hindi cinema was the three Khan stars. As a result of this many stars like Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Sanjay Dutt, Riteish Deshmukh are praising the movie. His praise is finding an opportunity for himself somewhere in the new ideological system.

What are the five achievements of The Kashmir Files?

So. This has turned into a long talk. Now, let’s understand in simple language that what were the five great achievements of The Kashmir Files and what is its biggest side effect?

the first That’s the story, so why hesitate to tell it? The success of a non-racy film like The Kashmir Files is an achievement. This makes it clear that even stories that have been deliberately veiled or avoided from being told can now be told to the public. In other words, ignoring national interests in the name of cinema can hardly be tolerated. The national interest cannot be the cost of creativity.

other- Starless movies can also create hit records. To think that only Aamir-Akshay-Salman could attract an audience, The Kashmir Files would be an inspiring example for them. This has also started to appear in the announcement of some films of such themes.

third- Any movie is great not because of its budget but because of its content and scope. How big is your movie? In the age of information technology, it is only up to REACH (hearing) to decide. He can force you or drown you. Before social media, this was largely controlled by narrative. In today’s age, each person has his own thoughts and her own deeds. A like-minded coalition is forming.

Four- Mass entertainer doesn’t just mean dancing, singing or fighting. Even untempered movies can become mass entertainment.

Y fifth That in the name of creativity you cannot mock public sentiment, that is, Indianness.

What is a side effect?

The success of The Kashmir Files and its achievements also have secondary effects. Many examples are also coming to light. Reading food packages in Urdu may include instances of religious discrimination. Perhaps a blind race is started in the name of telling the truth in personal ambitions and people use it unnecessarily.

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