5 Tips to Drive Cats Out of The Garden Forever

Destroyed plants, dead birds, missing fish in the garden pond and cat droppings in the flower bed. A nuisance for every gardener. I give you 5 tips on how to drive cats out of the garden forever.

Cats are among the most unwelcome visitors in the garden. They dig holes, damage plants and leave cat droppings in the flowerbed. It’s a nuisance that many gardeners and self-care gardeners have to deal with on a daily basis. We show you how to get rid of your neighbor’s cat from your flower bed using harmless methods.

1. Scatter pepper in the flower bed

Scatter pepper is a simple and time-tested remedy against cats in the garden. If possible, scatter hot pepper in good weather (little wind and dryness). Cats, like dogs, have very good and sensitive noses and do not like the smell of pepper at all. Furthermore, other hot spices such as chili or curry powder are suitable.

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2. Scatter coffee grounds

As a secret tip, coffee grounds are used as fertilizer in the garden. But it also cuts a good figure in the fight against cats. The smell of coffee is also avoided by cats – a win-win situation.

3. Water against cats

Cats are very shy of water and you can use this to your advantage. Simply turn on the water hose at the next visit and hold it in the direction of the cat. This will then quickly seek the distance. Alternatively, this can also be automated via a sprinkler system with motion detector.

4. Cat Repellents

A cat repellents works with high-pitched sounds and ultrasound. These devices work similarly to a mole scare and drive cats away very effectively. The devices cost between 1000 to 3500 rupees, but this investment is definitely worth it.

5. Piss off plant

The Verpiss dich plant, also known as harp shrub, is a true miracle plant in the fight against cats in the cards. The plant emits essential oils that smell like menthol, a smell that cats do not like.

Simply plant the plant in the often visited places in the garden, then there will soon be no more unwelcome visitors. Also at the corner of the garden pond this plant is in good hands, if the fish in the garden inexplicably become less and less.

Cat granules or garlic

Another counterattack against the fine nose of cats can be made with cat granules or garlic in the garden. Scattered in the bed, the four-legged friend will quickly take to his heels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What kind of smell drives cats away?

Garlic, vinegar, onions are a proven remedy against cats in the garden.

2. Which plants do cats dislike?

Especially plants with an inherent odor and essential oils, such as the piss off plant.

3. What home remedies help against cats?

Suitable home remedies are those that have a strong inherent odor: Garlic, vinegar, cloves…

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