5 web series crossed the line in offering boldness on OTT

The time before was when people used to wait for a new movie to arrive every Friday, but the current age is web series. People now like to watch web series more than movies. In view of the demand of the audience, new web series are created and launched every day.

These series have become quite popular, with a touch of daring in the stories.

On the one hand, when Mirzapur and Family Man arrived, meanwhile, those web series that created panic in OTT also arrived. In which all the limits of daring were crossed but the public liked his style. Between Corona, Lockdown and Worry, these series entertained people a lot.

Although there is no shortage of web series full of sensual and daring scenes in OTT, but some of these series are such that they maintain their identity as well as being daring. The erotic scenes in these films have been shot in a very different way.

Today we tell you about 5 web series of this type. You can watch all of these web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, MX Player, and Voot.

1- The story of a Banarasi child is at number oneVirgin Bhaskar‘. Hearing the name of this series, you must have already understood a lot. Actually, this is the story of a desi boy, that is, Anant Joshi, who is a virgin. His evil friends tell him the strange idea of ​​not being a virgin. It is clear that this series is based on an erotic theme. Seeing the chemistry of this virgin boy and his girlfriend, people were sweating. At the same time, something happens between the two that the girl’s heart breaks. Both seasons of this series were released on Balaji and Zee5. Now the story is from Banaras, so you will definitely see Banarasipan, in which you see scenes of abuse and ghat in between.

two- it’s at number two ‘Four more shots please’. Which has been released on Amazon Prime. This series is the story of four Indian girls. This is no ordinary adult story series. Sex is, of course, more than normal in this, but it doesn’t seem to be more than necessary. It also does not fit the definition of obscenity. From this series it is understood that whenever there is a discussion about women, it will definitely talk about sexual freedom. You can say that honesty has been done in this or it has been done with a lot of cunning, but all the scenes demand the script and carry it forward. It may be that the girls in this series do not match any ordinary girl, but the girls also have to face these situations in real life.

3- Voot original series ‘I went to fantasy’ Relationship and romance show up differently in this. In this one, the fun couples fantasy has been filmed in a charming way. Different love stories have been included in this series. There are a total of 10 episodes in this series that are based on sexual fantasies. The famous actors in this series are Naveen Kasturia, Karan Wahi, Sanaya Pithawala.

4- ‘Hello Mini’ MX Player has an original web series. In which the story may be less but the intimate scene is more. This series is very daring and adult content has been included. Yes, the suspense remains intact in this series. It stars Priya Banerjee, Arjun Aneja, Gaurav Chopra, Mrinal Dutt, Anuja Joshi, and Ankur Rathi in the lead roles. Its second season is also available.

5- ‘Dirty thing’ People also hesitate to take the name of the series in front of others. Crossing all the limits of daring, the series presents erotic stories from rural and urban India. Guess the popularity of this series from the fact that 6 seasons have arrived so far. This vulgar series from Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji digital platform is full of sex scenes and semi-nude scenes. However, it was very popular with those who, after hearing the name of the sex, turn nine or two years old and make a drawing of the Kamasutra behind closed doors.

These are the five series that created panic in the country. Which means people will thank Ekta Kapoor for stepping away from foreigners and heading to desi cinema in the name of porn. One thing is clear: these series have become quite popular, adding a touch of daring to the stories. Now his TRP is above the sky, his job is to make money with those series, now it is the wish of the audience.

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