500 rupees for voters; MP sentenced to 6 months in prison in Telangana

Stand out:

  • He tried to influence voters by giving them money.
  • The court convicted MP Kavitha Maloth.
  • The deputy was jailed for six months and fined 10,000 rupees.

Hyderabad: Acting Telangana MP Kavitha Maloth has been sentenced by a court to life in prison for trying to influence voters with money. The court confirmed the charges and paid the deputy six months in jail and fined him 10,000 rupees.

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Kavitha, a TRS MP from Mahabubabad in Telangana, was sentenced by a special session court that heard cases against MPs and members of the judiciary. The poem was refuted by strong evidence presented by the police. National media reported that the deputy had decided to appeal to the higher court following a tough court decision.

The court’s ruling comes in the wake of the 2019 general election. The case alleges that voters were paid through Shoukathali, an aide who is closely associated with the poem. The police registered one case in which it was alleged that 500 rupees each were distributed.

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The claim that the vote was paid was so strong that an inspection by Finance officials found that Shoukathali was paying. During detailed questioning, the police recorded a case after he claimed that he had paid for the poem. Such action is very rare against a sitting deputy.

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