5th test of ind vs england: fifth test of cricket between India and England postponed – fifth test of india vs england in manchester canceled due to covid 19 crisis


  • Abandoned Manchester Test
  • Kovid creates crisis
  • Kovid to three members of the Indian team

The fifth test between India and England was completely abandoned after the Kovid crisis. Kovid has confirmed three members of the Indian team so far. Coach Ravi Shastri, Bowling Coach Bharat Arun, and Junior Physio Yogesh Parmar were diagnosed with the disease. The BCCI is of the opinion that more importance should be given to safety even if the Kovid result of the Indian team members is negative.

The first decision was to postpone the match on the first day. In subsequent discussions, the BCCI and the English and Wales Cricket Board decided to abandon the game. It has now been decided that the match will take place later. There is great concern about the Kovid cases in the Indian camp. The BCCI has declared that it is withdrawing from the party.

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The winner of the series will not be announced at this time as the match has been postponed. The match was postponed as India was leading 2-1. The winner will be announced only after the final test is played. The current report is that the next match will take place next year. India will win the series even if the match is drawn or won.

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly had said yesterday that he could not confirm whether the match would take place. “In the current scenario, it is not possible to say for sure whether the match will take place. There is only optimism that the match will take place,” Ganguly said at a book launch in Kolkata.

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The Kovid crisis led India to skip the final test when India led 2-1 in a five Test series against England. Even after the first test ended in a draw, India dominated. India won the second test at Lord’s. England had officially returned after winning the third test. But in the fourth test, India gave the correct answer. India beat England in historic Oval Test victory

When coach Ravi Shastri was diagnosed with the disease, physio Nitin Patel, bowling coach Bharat Arun and fielding coach R Sridhar were already under observation. The Indian team was also instructed to stay in the rooms. All members of the Indian team and the England team have completed the vaccination. With the match canceled, the Indian team will now be preparing for the IPL in the UAE. All players will return to the UAE after observing Kovid’s protocol. The IPL will begin on September 19.

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Fans excited about Dhoni’s return

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