’70 Po rn Videos and Servers’: Crime Branch Raid on Raj Kundra’s House

Stand out:

  • The crime branch raided Raj Kundra’s home.
  • 70 pornographic videos and servers were seized.
  • Server sent for forensic examination.

Mumbai: A raid on the home of Raj Kundra, a businessman and husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, who was arrested for making pornographic videos, resulted in the seizure of 70 pornographic videos and servers. According to national media reports, the criminal branch seized the videos, which were filmed under the leadership of Kundra’s AP, Umesh Kant.

The captured videos were reportedly made with the help of various production companies. The investigation team said the videos and the server would be examined by a coroner. Find out if Kundra sent the server images to Kintin, a UK-based company. Kundra was found to have a close relationship with this institution.

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Police are investigating allegations that pornographic images were uploaded to the Internet with the help of Kintin. It has been proven that he has been working in this field for two years. Bank accounts worth Rs 7.5 crore frozen in connection with the Pon app case. The banks were instructed to cooperate with the investigation and transmit all information related to the transactions.

In addition to Kundra’s business dealings, the police examined WhatsApp’s contract documents, emails and chats. The police concluded that Krundra had made the decision to launch another OTT channel or platform. This is clear in WhatsApp chats. Mumbai police have told a court that Raj Kundra Pon was making videos for a mobile app called Hotshots. Kundra has been in police custody as of Friday in connection with the case.

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So far, the police have arrested 11 people in connection with the case. Police also arrested Ryan Thorpe, a company official with close ties to Kundra. Meanwhile, actress Gehna Vashisht, who was arrested in the incident, has denied the allegations made by the police. The act of arresting him is wrong. They made it clear that they only produced adult videos of an erotic nature and couldn’t be described as pon. The case came after a raid on Madh Island, near Mumbai, in February.

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Possibility of heavy rains in the state; Orange alert in various districts

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