83 was handled by the foreign market, otherwise Ranveer Singh’s movie looked ruined in the desi window.

83, directed by Kabir Khan, may not seem very successful in garnering a massive audience at the domestic box office, but it appears to be doing very good business abroad. The film opened on December 23 in the foreign market and earned 11.83 million rupees on the first day. Until the second day, the film has earned 19.39 million rupees. The film also set an overseas opening record and surpassed Akshay Kumar’s blockbuster Sooryavanshi.

A total of 1,512 displays have been launched in 83 foreign markets. If you look at the domestic box office, the foreign earnings are excellent. On the first day, the film had an opening of just 12.64 million rupees, including all languages. The film earned Rs 16.95 million on the second day. In this way, the film has earned a total of Rs 29.59 crore at the domestic box office in the first two days. The scale of 83, given the festive atmosphere of Christmas, the earnings cannot be too special. The film is proving weak at box offices on the outskirts of metropolitan cities.

Ranveer’s movie is overdue on the mass circuit

83 has been released on a total of 3,741 screens in the country. The film opened on 3,374 screens in Hindi, 137 screens in Telugu, 184 screens in Tamil, 13 screens in Malayalam, and 33 screens in Kannada. As for the number of screens, the film’s domestic box office earnings cannot be considered satisfactory at all. Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone starrer 83 looks very weak on the mass circuit.


Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise has blocked 83’s way on the mass circuit. Pushpa’s Hindi collection has also been shown best on Friday and Saturday of the second week. Pushpa earned 2.31 million rupees on Friday and 3.75 million rupees on Saturday. So far, the Hindi version has earned a total of Rs 32.95 crore. On the other hand, in Metro, the movie is getting a lot of challenges from Spider-Man No Way Home. All versions of Spiderman, including Hindi, this week also earned 6.75 crore on Friday and 10.10 crore on Saturday. According to business analyst Taran Adarsh, if you look at Spiderman’s gross box office, then it has been Rs 211.43 crore in India.

Ranveer-Deepika couple at 83.

Now the situation does not improve, it is necessary the support of the foreigner.

Despite being undoubtedly an inspiring story, 83 has been badly damaged by Spider-Man and Pushpa: The Rise. This is the scene from the first two days. The earnings will be seen on the third day of 83. However, the commercial signs are not in favor of the Kabir Khan film. Yes, the support abroad is good. 83 is the story of India’s first World Cup victory. In the film, Ranveer Singh played the role of Kapil Dev, who was also the captain of Team India at the time. More than a dozen veteran actors are supporting characters in the film.

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