A dog and his handler have defied Bollywood!

If the cinema is really a profession, then if someone is giving one hundred percent for it, then it is the cinema of the South. At a time when Bollywood is unable to overcome vulgarity in the name of fake action, cheap love, romance. Much is happening in the South that is not just the culmination of creativity. Rather, which is also attested to by the fact that it will take a long time for Bollywood to cross the creative index of the South. These things are not only when we can turn to Rakshit Shetty’s recently released 777 Charlie movie. The way the bond between a dog and a human is shown in this film, the audience will be forced to think that can this happen? Released on June 10, 777, Charlie garnered a large audience, so the film was released in Kannada, as well as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. The audience has liked the concept of the film, so whether it’s Rakshit Shetty and Dog or the rest of the cast of the film, everyone’s work is greatly appreciated. The film is not limited to dog and entertainment lovers only, through this important message ‘Adopt. Don’t Shop’ occurs.

Not only entertaining, but also giving an important message, Rakshit Shetty’s 777 Charlie movie

Although the film has touched on an untouched aspect, movies showing the relationship between humans and animals are not new to Bollywood. Whether it was Jackie Shroff’s lead, Teri Mehrabaniyan, or Rajesh Khanna’s Haathi Mere Saathi Insan Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Aadhaan, she was great. To understand this, we can turn to all the movies, from Rekha’s Khoon Bhari Maang to Govinda and Chunky Pandey’s Aankhen.

Because Rakshit’s movie is also about dogs. Perhaps the question is, what is different about this? We have already given the answer above. Rakshit encouraged adoption through this film and said that if a person has a dog, he had better not buy it.

What is the story of the movie!

777 Charlie represents the bond between a human and a dog. If the story of the movie is mentioned, then the story of the movie is inspired by Yudhishthira from Mahabharata and a dog that went to heaven with him. As it is known that in Mahabharata, Dharmaraja took the dog to heaven with him, we are also seeing something similar in this movie.

In the story, Rakshit’s name is also Dharma and the dog makes him realize that he becomes borrowed as he runs away from his responsibility. Or say that it is very easy to live alone. But the matter is when a person lives with someone with whom he can share all his sorrows and joys.

There are many such moments in the movie, watching them, you can hardly stop your laughter, while in the movie, the audience will also see scenes that will make their eyes water. After watching the movie, you will never tire of praising Rakshit and his work.

Although the movie has been made keeping in mind the dog lovers, but despite this, those people who don’t like dogs or don’t have any attachment/attachment to dogs can also watch the movie and such Maybe this is the USP of 777 Charlie. As an audience, we can say that the movie is long, but we also state that there is a lot in this movie after which you won’t get bored.

How is the direction and cinematography/editing?

Kiranraj has also written and directed 777 Charlie, so whether it’s for the story of the film or the direction, Kiranraj deserves kudos as a director. After directing, when we look at the cinematography and editing of the film, the first thought that comes to mind is Wow! Fantastic, amazing, alive. The cinematography of the film is incredible.

Also, when we look at the editing of the film, we see experienced people on the editing table who have not tampered with the film and its treatment and have given this film time in terms of editing. There is hardly such a scene in the movie, after which the question arose that if this scene is in the movie, why is it there?

what does the public say

Fans are also very excited about this one-of-a-kind movie, 777 Charlie. On social media, people read fiercely on Rakshit pride. At the same time, the work done by the dog in the film, people are surprised and press their fingers under their teeth.

There are also people on social networks who say that 777 Charlie is not a movie but an emotion. From whose story to the direction everything is excellent in itself.

There are also these kinds of reactions on Twitter about the film, where it is said that it is a film from which a person can make their self-discovery.

People also say that if you are a pet and dog lover then you should watch this movie anyway.

Whether on Twitter or Facebook, people calling 777 Charlie a masterpiece confirm that the concept and message under which the film was made was a success.

As the movie progresses, we find it necessary to say that this Rakshit Shetty movie has also brought tears to the eyes of Karnataka CM K Basavaraj Bommai. This is because Bommai himself is a dog lover whose dog died last year.

It is believed that while watching the film, Bommai remembered her dog, for which she began to cry. Bommai, who was moved after watching the movie, said that this is a movie where a dog is shown, but this movie also shows the synergy between humans and animals.

The film is really excellent and there are many factors why it should enter the Oscars. If the movie won the Oscar then it is a very good thing, otherwise it is certain that Rakshit will definitely get the National Award for this movie or the performance done in this movie.

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