A setback for the “Mission 2022” of Congress? Manipur Congress President Resigns Rumored to Join BJP with 8 MLA


  • The president of the Congress of Manipur resigns
  • Reported to join BJP with 8 MLA
  • Former Minister of State resigns

Imphal: Manipur will be a headache for the national leadership of Congress as it seeks to solve organizational problems in states like Rajasthan and Punjab. The President of the Manipur Congress (MPCC), Govindas Kontaujam, has resigned. Eight members of the judiciary, including him, are reported to be joining the BJP. The president himself has resigned before the Assembly elections in Manipur next year.

Govindas Kontaujam was president and former minister of the Manipur Congress and a six-time member of the board of directors of the Bishnupur constituency. He has also served as Head of Whip of Congress in the Assembly.

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Govindas was appointed by Sonia Gandhi as president of the MPCC in December of last year. The resigned MLAs and the PCC chairman will join the BJP, the English news channel Times Now reported, citing sources.

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The Manipur Congress is in the process of taking control of the state on behalf of ‘Mission 2022’. The party aims to win 45 seats in the 60-member assembly by Mission 2022. Meanwhile, it is estimated that if the state president leaves the party and joins the BJP, it will backfire statewide.

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Despite winning the 2017 assembly elections as the largest single party, Congress has been unable to form a government. The BJP came to power here with the support of regional parties.

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