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The creators of South Cinema try to do something new every time. Whether it is a movie or a web series, if it has been released by Pan India or Worldwide by any southern film industry, then believe that something new will definitely happen in it. This time, a Tamil web series is creating panic around the world. ‘Sudal: The Vortex’ web series streaming on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada along with English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Arabic, and has been released in foreign languages ​​such as Turkish. Not only that, but it is also available with subtitles in many foreign languages ​​including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokum, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese has been made available.

A regional cinema, whose global impact will surprise you.

The web series ‘Sudal: The Vortex’ is directed by the film director duo ‘Vikram Vedha’ Bramma and Anuchan M. From this you can guess how the mystery of the web series would have been mixed with the adventure. Tamil actors Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, Shriya Reddy and Radhakrishnan Parthiban have lead roles in the series. Many people may not understand the title of this web series. In such a situation, say that Sudal is a Tamil word. It means vortex. That is to say, ‘Sudal’ is a kind of vortex in which people are still trapped. It is said that there is no work like the name. The creators of this series have also done the same as its title. As you watch this eight-episode web series, can you even blink? In this one, such a drama has been presented with mystery and emotion, which hardly anyone likes. A great web series has been made.

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The story of the web series ‘Sudal: The Vortex’ is set in Samalur, a city in Tamil Nadu. There is a factory there. The people who work in it have also established their home around it. Everything goes well, but a few days later the problem starts at the factory. A fight breaks out between the owner and the workers. Kamgar Samgum starts a dispute with his own owner Trilok. Meanwhile, one night a fire breaks out in the factory. The same night, Samgum’s daughter, Neela, goes missing. The surprising thing is that before the girl disappears, she herself is planning the murder of someone.

It is said that when the factory was started up, a girl was also missing at that time, but she has not been found to date. In the search for Neela, along with her relatives, the local police also intervene. At that time, the Mayyanakollai festival is being celebrated in the village, in which the Angelman Mother Goddess is worshiped for 10 days. It is said that the mother brings justice to the people by killing the wicked. But the priest says that this time Devi is very angry. Here, along with the police, Samgum and his daughter Nandani are still wandering around looking for Neela. Many times it seems that she will be known, but that turns out to be an illusion. Where did the blue go? Who kidnapped him and took him away? What is the truth behind the disappearance of the girls with the factory? The answers to all these questions will be found by watching the series.

Beginning with the search for a missing girl, the series continues to engage the audience as it progresses. She makes her place in the hearts of the audience. There comes a time when the entire series turns into a thriller, with a startling truth coming to light at every turn. Each character in the story carries a mystery of its own. Some characters in the series continue to try to break that town and its social fabric. Set against the backdrop of an annual cultural festival, the series revolves around the lies and deceit of various characters with hidden agendas and emotions. This emotion manages to keep the audience hooked until the last episode.

All the actors have given incredible performances in this. Since the artist is not familiar with the Hindi-speaking audience, the story is such that each of his characters gradually get along with each other. In a true sense, this is such a regional cinema, in which all women have to be global. This is the reason why the creators have broadcast all over the world. Worship will be fun seeing this. Overall, this is a great web series to watch on a Sunday.

iChowk.in Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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