‘Aah Alia’, ‘Wah Alia’ – Here is the public review of Darlings on Netflix! – ‘Ah Aaliyah’, ‘Waah Aaliyah’

Darlings is the story of a Muslim girl named Badrunnisa who gets caught in the web of a violent relationship. The character of Badrunnisa, i.e. Badru, is played by none other than Alia Bhatt. She is the daughter of Shamsunnisa Ansari, meaning Shamshu. Satya and Delhi Crime actor Shefali Shah played the role of Shamsu. In fact, Badru’s father passed away many years ago. Badru, Hamza Sheikh have love for each other. When Hamza gets a job on the railways, he proposes to Badru. After the marriage, they both move to an apartment in Chawl in Mumbai. Shamshu also stays the same way.

Three years of marriage go well, but one day Hamza’s true face is revealed. He is alcoholic. He comes home after drinking alcohol and hits Badru. However, after regaining consciousness in the morning, he too apologizes to Badru for his misbehavior that night. Badru forgives her. However, after learning of the daughter’s beating, Shamsu appears to be the enemy of the son-in-law’s life. She advises the daughter to be strict with her husband. Even if you have to, don’t hesitate to kill him. To know where the fight that begins with the beating ends and ends, you have to watch the movie. In general, in the following story, how Hamza’s wife and mother-in-law teach him a lesson against his bad habits, this is shown in a comic way.

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Alia Bhatt in Dear Ones.

Alia Bhatt’s film gets most of the praise

Darlings is Alia Bhatt’s first film as a producer. Other producers include Gauri Khan, wife of Shah Rukh Khan, and Red Chillies. The story of the film is written by Parvez Shaikh together with Jasmeet Reen. While the address is from Jasmeet. The film also stars Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Sharma, Vijay Maurya, and Santosh Juvekar in major roles. The film is being commented on social networks. What’s special is that no big Bollywood movies were released in theaters on Friday, so Alia’s OTT release seems to be reaping its benefits. The film is being commented on social networks. Most people have praised Alia Bhatt’s black comedy drama.

Audiences who love comedy in tragedy will surely enjoy it.

Darlings’ story and script have especially impressed those who see comedy in tragedy. People are writing about it too. Darling’s lines have impressed many viewers. People have praised the writing of Jasmeet, Parvez Sheikh, and Vijay Maurya for the film’s dialogue. Many praised Jasmeet’s work as a director and said that although this is his first film, he seems to have done his best to make it entertaining.

Not only the main actors, but the supporting actors also did a great job.

The most important thing about Darlings is the acting of the actors. As the main characters, the three stars: Alia, Shefali and Vijay Verma are seen stealing from the gathering. Along with the general public, critics have also appreciated the work of the three actors in the film. Many people called it the best movie for Vijay Varma and wrote that Vijay’s best work in Darlings can act as a career boost for him. As far as Alia and Shefali are concerned, it seems from people’s reactions that they may be the life of the movie. Still, why not, after all, the story seems to rest on the shoulders of these two characters. The work of the secondary actors also pleases people. Especially the work of Vijay Maurya has attracted a lot of attention.

Most media reviews have praised the content of Darlings, describing it as a film embellished with strong performances from the actors. Many reviewers have rated Darlings more than 3 out of five. Also called family entertainer. However, many people on social media are also opposed to the film for different reasons. One of the reasons is very interesting. If you’d like to read how he opposes Darlings on social media, the story below might help.

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