Aamir hid some things related to China for business gain from Lal Singh Chaddha!

There are spoilers in this review on Lal Singh Chaddha. Proceed according to your need.

Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha is a Bollywood remake of Forrest Gump. Like the original film, the remake has also shown the story keeping a retarded person in the center. In this, many references of India have been raised which had a profound impact on Indian society and politics. Forrest Gump is about the Vietnam War. In Lal Singh Chaddha, instead of the Vietnam War, the Kargil War has been taken. Whereas the Kargil war was a power battle. The country understood much later that it was not really a fight against terrorists but a war with Pakistan. As in other wars, the nature was different. The Vietnam War shook American society. The United States had an embarrassing defeat. Because of that war, American society was seen to be broken on both the economic and social fronts.

Experiences like the one in Vietnam are not found in the history of India. The first thing is that India did not go ahead and declare war on any country, but had to face the imposed things. Despite this, some Vietnam-like effect on Indian society is visible in the war with China. Despite not wanting to, the country had to go beyond its peaceful and non-aligned principle and wage war under difficult conditions. He had to suffer an embarrassing defeat. That defeat shook Indian society. Since the story of Forrest Gump gives an explanation of the course of a country and its stoppage due to the Vietnam War, the same explanation is not able to give the context of the Kargil War in Lal Singh Chaddha. Instead of Kargil, the ‘China war’ could have made the story better and more effective.

Aamir Khan.

Why didn’t Aamir show the war with China and the Gujarat riots in Lal Singh Chaddha?

In the last 60 years of India as a country, hardly a day has gone by that the sting of China’s defeat has not been felt. After that defeat, I understood exactly what the needs of a powerful nation are. Later, our tireless collective efforts moved in the same direction. Well, the filmmaker has personal freedom as to where he wants to show his story, from where, how and to whom. Why only the China war? Aamir has also omitted the context of the Gujarat riots. While throughout the film, he is seen giving a message about love with communalism and religious struggles. The Gujarat riots may have been mentioned by Aamir in an attempt to avoid any political controversy.

Now the question is whether Aamir’s decision for the Lal Singh Chaddha story was spontaneous or he tried to work out some commercial mathematical formulas. The first thing is that if Aamir’s decision was easy, then instead of Kargil in Lal Singh Chaddha, there would have been a context of war with China. The story that began after the Emergency could have been delayed another ten years. Now if Aamir didn’t do this, then the main reason for this is his trading strategies.

Aamir’s films have made record profits in China

Aamir doesn’t make movies just for India. The number of people who like his movies in China is very high. You can also call him the only superstar from India in China. People recognize him only for his work. The proof of this is seen in his movie business in China. Dangal is the highest grossing Indian film at the Chinese box office. Dangal has earned more than 2.1 billion rupees in China. Only Aamir has three movies in the top 10 grossing movies, including Dangal. As well as Dangal, Secret Superstar (912 crore) and PK (792 crore). Secret Superstar, starring Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan, couldn’t even earn Rs 100 crore in India, making a record by going to China.

Laal Singh Chaddha is produced by Aamir himself and his ex-wife Kiran Rao in association with Viacom 18. When it comes to the movie business in India, there are many reasons behind it. Despite this, there is no room for if but Aamir is not planning to premiere Lal Singh Chaddha in China. Aamir also sold distribution rights outside of India to Paramount Pictures for better business plans. Forrest Gump was also distributed by Paramount Pictures. Apart from this, the company has sold many Hollywood movies in the world market.

If Amir had shown the China war, what would he have to suffer?

Through Paramount, Aamir’s intent was to sell Lal Singh Chaddha in Pakistan as well. Indian movies have been banned in Pakistan since 2019. A media group in Pakistan has applied for permission to release the movie. However, it is very difficult to get permission due to the Kargil context. But with China this will not be a problem. And the only reason for this is that there is no such incident in the film that China should object to. Yes, if China was the context of the war, then the premiere of Lal Singh Chaddha could not even be imagined there.

Aamir is not only called the most talented Bollywood filmmaker of his generation. His personality regarding the movie business is multidimensional. Whether it’s the theme of the movie, the story, the casting, the deal with investors, the promotion, or other things. They continue on a project only after fully testing the business profits. He surely would have made better preparations for Lal Singh Chaddha as well. The negative campaign against the film at the Indian box office proved to be a punishment for Lal Singh Chaddha. If the film is released in China, there will also be a discussion about the negative campaigns in India about it. Aamir’s film will definitely benefit from this.

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