Aamir Khan’s stubbornness is the reason for Laal Singh Chaddha’s failure

Aamir Khan’s long-awaited film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ has earned just Rs 18.96 crore after two days of its release. In view of the continuing decline in profits, ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ shows have been curtailed in many venues. In a nutshell, the cold response from the audience has brought Lal Singh Chaddha to the category of failure. Because, in terms of earnings for two days, Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha has lagged behind Ranbir Kapoor’s recently released film Shamshera. By the way, Aamir Khan has tried again to prove his patriotism to the audience. He has raised the national flag at his house in Mumbai in support of the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign run by the central government. However, only time will tell how much impact Aamir Khan’s ‘tricolor bet’ will have on the audience. But, one thing can be said that the reason for the failure of Lal Singh Chaddha is only the insistence of Aamir Khan. Let us know why is this so?

Although Lal Singh Chaddha is a good movie. But, Aamir Khan has put thorns in his way.

Aamir is saying everything, but silence on ‘statements’

In the ongoing boycott campaign against Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha, his old statements and images are going viral. Aamir Khan is not only called Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist. Aamir is not only an expert in the marketing of the film but also in its marketing. As soon as Aamir felt that people’s anger against the film Lal Singh Chaddha was rising. So, he said that ‘some people think I don’t love this country. But, I want to tell those same people that what they are thinking is not true. I love my country and its people. I would ask you to please not boycott my film and go to the cinema to see the film. But, while trying to show his perfection here too, Aamir Khan put all the blame on ‘some people’. While there was widespread opposition to the film from him.

In reality, Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha is opposed solely because of its selective statements. Aamir Khan, who has openly expressed his opinion on the widespread intolerance in the country since the Godhra riots, should also have given his opinion on the recent killings in the Islamic frenzy. Because by not doing so, an implied consent type atmosphere was created on these Aamir Khan issues. And, the sympathy of those people was simply taken to mean that Aamir Khan is also a Muslim-minded fanatic actor. Whereas, in such cases, you either speak openly on all subjects or you must keep silent on all matters. Because every such statement has an effect on one or another audience. Which is not good for Aamir Khan or Bollywood.

Simply put, Aamir Khan should be fully Swara Bhaskar or fully Hrithik Roshan. By the way, Aamir Khan should have set the tolerance by commenting on the latest cases to save the movie from him. That is, by justifying the killings at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, he could once again win the hearts of his largest audience. Because, those who had to see the movie Lal Singh Chaddha. Without this clarification from Aamir, he barely got to see the movie. But Aamir must have felt that there are many factors, including the official ‘Forrest Gump’ remake with Laal Singh Chaddha. Who will make the movie a success. So, he proved to be a patriot and thought the movie would be a good deal. But, it didn’t happen. And, his bet failed.

PK, Dangal and Secret Superstar were beaten despite protests

It is argued in support of Lal Singh Chaddha that only people of a particular ideology oppose it. Whereas, the reality is that Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha has been hit for being a remake of the film rather than its opposition. Many of you who have seen ‘Forrest Gump’ are not going to find anything new in this movie. So, they are far from the movie. The story of the film has also not been able to create much madness in the audience. At the same time, the films that have been successful at the box office after the Corona epidemic. His story has been powerful. Which had automatically drawn the audience to the theaters. But, nothing like this is seen in Lal Singh Chaddha. Otherwise, if only Aamir Khan’s movie had been defeated due to opposition, then movies like PK, Dangal and Secret Superstar would not have been blockbusters.

At the same time, after the Corona epidemic, the dominance of the OTT platform has also increased. The audience does not turn to theater so easily after subscribing to OTT for a year. Unless the movie gets better reviews or word of mouth. So even if Aamir Khan calls himself a patriot or puts the tricolor on his house. Because of this, Aamir’s rage filled with selective statements in the audience is not going to come off so easily. Laal Singh Chaddha may be a good movie in many ways. But Aamir Khan has put thorns in the way of his film with his own stubbornness. From the visit to Turkey to the boycott of the Prime Minister of Israel, only a few unintentional mistakes have come to light.

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