Aamir’s Lal Singh Chaddha will be immersed in the greatness of Forrest Gump, 5 denunciations worth mentioning!

Bollywood remake of Forrest Gump ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ is ready. The film will premiere on Pan India on August 11, on the occasion of Independence Day. The Bollywood movie is in the news with the announcement that he will become Lal Singh Chaddha, a new take on Tom Hanks’ lead Forrest Gump. The trailer and images of the film have been revealed. Anyway, Forrest Gump is one of the best movies of all time, so most of the audience is well acquainted with the movie and its content. Forrest Gump’s own legacy is so great that it has, in a way, been put off as the biggest challenge to Aamir Khan’s film. The greatness of Forrest Gump threatens Aamir more than anything else in theaters. If Laal Singh Chaddha sinks at the box office, things like Hindu Muslim will contribute more than a Tom Hanks movie. And being compared is natural and true.

1) Difference in time period of America and India

Forrest Gump tells the story of a boy with physical disabilities. The boy can’t walk on his feet, but one day he not only stands on his feet, but he also seems to be a wonderful runner. He joins the army and takes part in the most difficult missions as a soldier. In fact, Forrest Gump describes the journey of a boy’s life, as well as the journey of a nation like the United States.

Needless to say, just like a person’s life, all the bitter and sweet experiences of the nation’s journey are also brought to the fore through the film. All the ills of American society are seen in dissatisfaction. The brutality of child sexual exploitation, racism, gender discrimination and male domination are shown. How a war affects the country and its society, has been shown with complete honesty. Like the United States, India too has its own become-or-fade journey.

The comparison of Forrest Gump and Lal Singh Chaddha is natural.

Forrest Gump is an impeccable film in its texture. Whereas in the images of Lal Singh Chaddha, at present, there is no such impunity to be mentioned. Many sociologists and film analysts consider Lal Singh Chaddha to be a weaker film than Forrest Gump for this reason. According to people, the way the shortcomings of American society are shown in Tom Hanks movie is almost impossible to find in Lal Singh Chaddha. Real boldness is never seen in massive Bollywood movies.

2) The difference in originality in the story of Forrest Gump and Lal Singh Chaddha

Forrest Gump critically interprets his own decisions on the journey of a nation. For example, an attempt has been made to examine the impact of socioeconomic reforms and war like Vietnam on society there. References to many other major political events are also visible. After independence, India also has its own stages as a nation.

Bollywood filmmakers seem to fear critical interpretations of things. Whenever sociopolitical interpretations have been tried, controversies have arisen. Shastri’s assassination, Pakistan’s wars with China, Emergency, the country’s role in the partition of Bangladesh, liberalism, the beginning of coalition politics and the rise of regional parties, the assassination of Indira-Rajiv Gandhi, the Mandal movement, the demolition of Babri, etc. However, Lal Singh Chaddha shows an attempt to avoid them.

The time frame of Lal Singh Chaddha’s story appears to be post-independence, possibly post-1980. Because instead of explicit wars with China or Pakistan in the film, the context of the Kargil war is shown, which is not a problem to show without getting into political trouble. All other references are not visible. The creators may not have made it part of the trailer. It may also happen that disputed issues have been left out.

If the events described above aren’t taken critically in the movie, then it shouldn’t hurt to say that Aamir’s movie story isn’t as original as Forrest Gump’s.

3) Difference in acting between Tom Hanks and Aamir Khan

Forrest Gump, who arrived in 1995, won many Oscars. One of them was won by Tom Hanks for the lead role of Gump. Tom Hanks is considered the best actor in Hollywood. As an actor, his films have their own reference. Aamir Khan is also believed to be an actor in the Tom Hanks tradition. The impression of a Hollywood actor is clearly visible on Aamir.

Now if we look at Aamir’s performance in the Laal Singh Chaddha trailer and Tom Hanks’ performance in Forrest Gump, then there is a big difference in the work of both actors. Tom Hanks seems completely original in the character of Gump. While Aamir’s act is clearly seen in many places in the trailer. Aamir is seen with his eyes raised and his face drawn in a strange way. As if they were trying to forcefully live a gullible character. His acting doesn’t seem original.

Aamir has surprised the audience with strong roles in many movies so far, but he is seen as a rookie actor in Laal Singh Chaddha compared to Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. Perhaps you can see in detail his performance in the movie.

4) Difference in acting between Kareena Kapoor and Robin Wright

In the case of acting, the same is seen in the performance of Kareena Kapoor Khan. Although it may not seem original, but Aamir seems to be using a new method apart from the previous movies of his character, although Kareena is seen in the field of one of his old movie characters. The character that Kareena plays is the second most important character in Forrest Gump. A girl whose childhood is ravaged by sexual abuse and is intoxicated.

There is no purpose in the girl’s life. She suffers from excruciating pain and because of that she is always seen on an unknown and anonymous journey like hippies. But the girl has a special attachment to the forest. Nowhere on Kareena’s face does the character’s pain, mental confusion and unhappiness appear. In many places, Kareena is seen as a hero with ordinary love stories. While Robin Wright has lived this character in the best way in Forrest Gump.

5) Difference between the direction of Advait Chandan and Robert Zemeckis

Advait Chandan is Aamir’s favorite director. The two had previously worked together for Secret Superstar. Forrest Gump was directed by Roberto Zemeckis. Robert’s effect is not seen on Lal Singh Chaddha. Lal Singh Chaddha is often seen as a formula Bollywood movie.

For Lal Singh Chaddha, the biggest challenge is overcoming the Forrest Gump benchmark.

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