Actress Chethana Raj loses her life during cosmetic surgery, what a cruel criteria of the big screen!

Kannada serial actress Chethana Raj left the world at the age of 21 with the weight of her unfulfilled dreams. She so beautiful to look at, so innocent… Why did she need to look more beautiful herself? After seeing Chetna’s photos, we didn’t even think that she needed some kind of plastic surgery. She does not look fat in appearance. Even if she was fat, she didn’t need to be under pressure.

Chetna, I wish we could meet you and tell you that you are beautiful as you are. We love you as we do and will continue to do so. We understand that there was a lot of pressure on you to look perfect, otherwise this film industry will soon forget you. I wish you had told your parents once before taking this risk, maybe today the news of your death would not come.

Chetna, you were already a shining star

You didn’t need to pretend to be fake for this fake world. How scared would you be before going to a private hospital in Bangalore? The girls are afraid of getting a needle if they get hurt a little. You have made the decision to remove fat from your body.

We know it was not easy for you. You must be scared. You must have been nervous, you would have cried… 10 times you should have thought that once about this surgery the mother should be told, but you could not have said it. You must have thought that hearing about this surgery would make the parents nervous, so you went with friends. Where did you know your parents would be heartbroken after you left?

I wish you could see how mom looks at your clothes. The father is banging his head in anger that you didn’t tell him about the fat-free surgery problem. They are very angry with the doctor, they are yelling. They have filed a complaint against him. They will teach a lesson to the people who have hurt you, but still you will never know them now.

Chethana Raj died, Kannada TV actress chethana raj, Bengaluru, Bengaluru hospital, Chethana RajYou didn’t need to pretend you were fake in this fake world

Chetna, you were already a shining star. The fans loved you on your shows ‘Geeta’ and ‘Doresani’ just the way you were. Why did you listen to people in this film industry? Surely someone must have told you that if you stay like this you won’t be able to survive, you’ve seen the rest of the actress, how fit they are…

In fact, after the surgery, Chetna’s health was not good. Gradually her condition began to deteriorate. Her lungs filled with water and he died in the same hospital. We all want to fulfill our dream, we want to do better in our career, but no dream can be more valuable than our life, right?

Who is responsible?

Maybe some people cursed Chetna for why she needed to have surgery. The mistake is that of the film industry, where the actress is pressured to look perfect and beautiful before everyone. If an actress’s weight increases after pregnancy, then people start trolling her too. Those people and that industry should not cry for Chetna.

There is also an actress like Kim Kardashian. Those who repeatedly resort to plastic surgery to get a new look. The way Kim weighs 7 kg in 21 days. Every year the size of the butt is made 43 inches through plastic surgery. They increase the size of the breast. Her hair, nose, cheeks, lips are all fake. Her waist, her butt are all a miracle of plastic surgery. She doesn’t think what will be the effect of all this on her fans? What will happen to the girls who consider Kim as their role model?

kim kardashian, kim kardashian lost 7 kg of weight, kim kardashian at met gala, weight lossTo become Kim Kardashian, you will not have to eat special lollipops, you will have to undergo a lot of plastic surgery.

Those low-minded girls who are fans of Kim will be the same as this Kannada actress… Because looking like Kim doesn’t require exercise and diet, but a lot of plastic surgery and risks. .

A man dyes, cuts his hair, changes the way he dresses, pierces his ears, nose, lips, navel, tattoos himself to give himself a new look… even after doing all this When there is no peace , the body begins to be cut and trimmed. In the end the body gets tired and the person calms down forever.

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