Actress Soujanya’s suicide note has heartbreaking things

The country’s youth are under stress. The situation is dire. Both psychologists and psychiatrists are unanimous on this point that young people should not make wrong decisions under stress. No matter how difficult the situation is, suicide cannot be justified under any circumstances. Bear in mind that the youth of today are in a hurry and it is a pity in itself that neither the courage nor the courage to fight in difficult times is in the youth of today. If we want to analyze how dire are the measures that young people are taking due to stress, we can turn to Sowjanya, a 25-year-old Kannada television actress who was found dead in her residence in Bangalore.

The matter was one of tension, so before dying, Sowjanya has also written a suicide note in which there are many things that will make even a person with a heart of stone think. At the end of the suicide note is the sign of Savi Madappa, which was her real name. If we talk about this suicide note from Sowjanya, she had told the police about her mental health problem and how she was unable to cope with the situation.

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Actress Sowjanya has repeatedly apologized to her family members in her suicide note.

The entire Kannada industry is shocked by the news of Sowjanya’s suicide. Originally from Kushalnagar in the Kodagu district, Sowjanya lived in Bangalore in connection with her work. In the note, Sowjanya has repeatedly apologized to his parents for taking the suicide step.

In this three-page suicide note, three dates are seen September 27, 28, and 30. I mean, from the past, Sowjanya was planning to end her life.

In his suicide note, Sowjanya had written that I am responsible for this. So please forgive me. I promised I would never do such a stupid thing in my life, but I had no choice. He was completely kicking inside. I was getting depressed with each passing day. I’ve never seen myself like this before.

If the information available on Sowjanya is to be believed, then it is found that Sowjanya has worked on many TV series and movies on Kannada and was a familiar face of the industry. The interesting thing about it is that, although Sowjanya’s health was not good, he also did not try to accept anyone’s help. Which attests to the fact that in recent days, Sowjanya was away from people.

Why did Sowjanya decide to commit suicide? Why was she under stress? The answer to all these questions is in front of us in the form of the corona virus. According to Sowjanya’s close friends, first the corona virus and then the lockdown, all of these things had broken Sowjanya right away.

In view of the matter, it is said that in recent days, Sowjanya was facing a financial crisis due to the lack of job availability, which has been one of the main reasons for his stress.

Speaking of the suicide of South actress Sowjanya, then it becomes very important for us to say that this is not the first time in the recent past that a South Industry actress has ended her life by committing suicide. Recently, fans were shocked when they learned of the death of another southern actress, Jayshree Ramaiah. Kannada contestant Bigg Boss Jayashree Ramaiah had committed suicide and the reason for his death was also stress.

Now that Sowjanya has left the world, we will end our talk by saying that suicide is not an option in any case if the person is under stress. Just as the most important problems can be solved by sitting and talking, in the same way, tension can also be reduced by talking.

In the rest of this matter, it should be noted that despite being under stress, people did not take care of them, so if we are seeing someone annoying around us or if we feel like seeing a person, then we feel that stress. I am, so we should go ahead and seek help. Maybe this step of ours could save someone’s life.

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