Adani changes policy: Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan suspend trade: the port of adani gujarat mundra no longer trades with Pakistan Afghanistan and Iran

Adani Ports has announced that it will not export or import containers from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan as of November 15. Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ), part of the Adani Group, said in a statement that all terminals and third-party terminals controlled by Adani Ports will comply with the directive until further notice.

In a statement issued on September 21, the company said that since the Adani Ports heroin seizure last month, APSEZ’s social media platforms have been the victims of a number of attacks, and that the company is currently solely responsible. to operate the port and provide maritime services.

Weeks after this statement, the Adani Group came out with a decisive decision.

Heroin smuggling in the port of Adani

On September 16, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized three tons of heroin worth $ 2.65 billion from the Adani Group’s Mundra port in Gujarat. The investigation team seized 3,000 kilograms of heroin from two containers brought from Afghanistan through the Bandar Abbas port in Iran.

Although the products came in the name of Ashi Trading Company based in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, the DRI investigation and news of the heroin discovery tarnished the Adani Group’s name and reputation. In addition, the Adani Group has received criticism from many sectors of the country, including ordinary people and politicians.

The Adani Group then supported and praised the investigation by Customs and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence to show that they were not at fault. Furthermore, the company said on its social media platforms that Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd. are simply port operators and have no authority to inspect containers.

Adani and the BJP: criticism

There is a widespread rumor among politicians and businessmen that the Adani Group is one of the favorites of the BJP government. Opposition parties, including Congress, have demanded an investigation into the BJP’s involvement in the Adani Group’s attempt to find drugs through a port in Gujarat.

Furthermore, Congress had questioned why the central government was silent despite such a large-scale smuggling operation.

Congressional spokeswoman Supriya Srinath said the Modi government had promised 14 million jobs to the country’s youth, but only millions of drug dollars. In addition, she had said that last year she had conducted a drug-related investigation on prominent Bollywood actors, but was embarrassed that she couldn’t find out who was selling the drugs. Supriya asked why Modi’s BJP government did not respond to all this.

Supriya Srinath also alleged that Sudhakar Machavaram and Govindaraj Vaishali had paid 4 lakh rupees to the Adani Group to purchase heroin-laden cargo at the Mundra port in Gujarat. He also noted that this was not the first time that the port of Adani had imported drugs and that, with the knowledge of the BJP, on June 9, 2021, 25,000 kilograms of heroin had been imported from Afghanistan and shipped to M / S Hassan Hussain. Limited.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Goa Congress said the NCB (Narcotics Control Office) was trying to catch small fingerlings, despite the large sharks trying to smuggle 3,000 kilograms of heroin into the country through the Adani port. Shama Muhammad said.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the Taliban regime is now in Afghanistan. Because the Taliban had found a way to make money. One of the most important is drug trafficking. Afghanistan is one of the largest heroin producers in the world. According to an old BBC report, most of the world’s heroin is exported from here and is worth around Rs 300 million in Afghanistan.

Thus, there is widespread concern in the country that Islamic extremists are smuggling drugs into India.

Will Adani’s decision affect the Indian market?

Industry experts say that trade between India and these countries could be disrupted as the Adani Group bans imports and exports of containerized cargo from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan to the port of Mundra.

Adani Group is the largest commercial port in India and the largest containerized cargo handler. The Adani Group port also imports fruits, nuts, pistachios, dates, almonds, raw wool, and organic and organic chemicals from Iran. According to commercial sources, India imported $ 1,397 million from Iran in the current financial year.

The port also imports figs, dates, melons and raisins from Afghanistan. India’s total imports from Afghanistan during the financial year were $ 435 million.

In the first four months of the current financial year, India’s exports to Iran amounted to $ 465.74 million. More than half were cereals and biochemicals destined for Pakistan. Exports to Pakistan were estimated at $ 187.13 million.

Industry experts point out that if ships from these countries do not reach the port of Adani, exports will also be in crisis. Following Adani’s decision, the shipment and imports are likely to move to the Nhava Sheva Port (JNPT). But if this is changed, the cost of exports will increase by about 20%.

‘Another thing to keep in mind here is that a few days ago, a similar cargo was seized at this port. Therefore, it is of great concern that, after Adani, other major ports begin to take similar measures in trade matters, “an expert told The Economic Times.


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