Adi Purush has come to destroy injustice, it is wonderful that the Rama incarnation of Prabhas; Forget Hollywood now!

‘Adipurush’, made on the life of Lord Shri Ram under the direction of Om Raut, is going to destroy the effect of all the established stories about the Ramayana so far. The movie teaser has been released today in Ayodhya. The film will be released in January next year. The teaser has pulled back the curtain on Om Raut’s Ramayana. The first look at the movie is tremendous. All the characters have been revealed. How they were made and what they will look like is no longer a mystery. If the producers have poured money like water on Adi Purush, it is also visible in Shri Ram’s story. According to the times, Om Raut has made the Ramayana story more beautiful and interesting. Everything looks amazing.

Looking at the teaser for a few seconds, it seems that the work that Ramanand Sagar had done by making a television series, Om Raut has done almost the same effect through cinema. From Lord Shri Ram to Ravana, all the characters in Ramayana are seen in a completely different style. But more impressive. more comfortable. Lord Shri Ram in Adi Purush supports the image of Rama etched in our mind. We seem comfortable like you. Ram, played by Prabhas, has a mustache in Aadipurush. His clothes are simple. But his courage and sharpness look as extraordinary as it should be. Hanuman, Lakshman, Sita and Ravana also look different and interesting in their characters.

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Prabhas and others in Aadipurush.

See early man will forget Hollywood

The earth, the sky, the forest, the mountains and all the scenes are fascinating in the time of Ram. Just as magical scenes look like in Hollywood fantasy movies, Om Raut’s movie also gets the same experience. Anyway, Leela from Shri Ram was extraordinary. Om Raut has made it comfortable and alive with the use of technology. If it is said that this story of Ram is going to become a benchmark of Indian cinema, you will not be wrong. Every scene is exciting. Be it Shri Ram’s power, his love for Sita, the monkey army’s matchless courage or Ravana’s historical deception. Everything is tremendous in its proportion. The vision and power of imagination of the creators of Adi Purush are less praiseworthy. After Adi Purush, the Indian audience will forget the horrors of Hollywood and the whole world will be amazed to see the stories of India’s past. It is seen that this film opens the doors of new possibilities for India in the world.

Kriti Sanon played the role of Sita in Aadipurush. They look very pure. While Saif Ali Khan is in the role of Lankesh. The role of Laxman is played by Sunny Singh and the role of Hanuman is played by Devdutt Nayak. The teaser is 1.46 seconds. But something has been done in such a way that the story seen by Ramayana is becoming more and more interesting. Each of the scenes is beyond imagination and unimaginable. When this is the condition of the Aadipurush trailer, the movie can turn out to be a huge success. Just one word is enough for Om Raut’s preview: amazing. All dictionary synonyms are insufficient to praise the rest of the unique film.

You can watch the trailer for the film below:

Tremendous preparations were made for the launch event in Ayodhya. The Adipurush team was in town and a festive atmosphere was seen in Ayodhya to welcome them even before Dussehra. Everywhere things seemed bustling. Lakhs of people were eagerly awaiting the trailer. From north to south, people were sitting with their breath. The decision made by the filmmakers to release the Ayodhya movie teaser was justified in every way. Adi Purush’s advance must be launched from Ayodhya, the birthplace of God. In Ayodhya is the soul of India, which unites the entire country in the cultural thread. In addition to Hindi, the immortal 7,000-year-old history of India is also published in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

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