After 3 consecutive failures, Akshay Kumar in reverse, ‘Katputli’ will arrive on OTT and not in theaters

Another movie ‘Katputli’ starring Akshay Kumar is set for release. Although the creators have planned to release it directly on OTT instead of in theaters. Akshay Kumar’s first look from Katputli was also revealed on the occasion of Janmashtami. While a day later the trailer for the film will be released. Three major Akshay Kumar films have been released so far this year: Bachchan Pandey, Samrat Prithviraj and Raksha Bandhan. ‘Katputli’ is Akshay’s fourth release of the year. However, Akshay’s last three films failed very badly at the box office. Samrat Prithviraj was a movie on a grand scale.

It has never been seen in Akshay’s career over the last decade when his films have failed to put up a row at the box office. So is it to be assumed that the actor has decided to take his film directly to OTT to avoid box office failure? It cannot be said for now, but the possibility cannot be ruled out. Of course, at the moment not everything looks in favor of Akshay at the box office. For example, Bachchan Pandey went unnoticed in the storm of ‘The Kashmir Files’ despite receiving critical acclaim. While Samrat Prithviraj was at the center of tremendous criticism for the role of Prithviraj and people called Khiladi Kumar’s film ineffective.

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Akshay Kumar in Katputli.

People couldn’t digest Akshay like Prithviraj

People didn’t like how Akshay was cast for the young character of Prithviraj. His acting was also seen as worn by people. Akshay also had to deal with negative social campaigns in favor of Raksha Bandhan. In some festivals there has been a protest like that of Lal Singh Chaddha because of his old statements. Last week, the film barely managed to earn Rs 38.30 crore. Now, given the failure of Akshay’s last three films and the atmosphere created against him, it can be said that the decision to show the puppet on OTT is part of a well thought out strategy.

A section on social media says that the content of the latest Bollywood movies is not as bad as advertised. It was also said that in such a negative environment, it would be good for Bollywood to bring movies directly on OTT to make them accessible to the audience. Anyway, in the Hindi belt, there is a healthy trend of watching movies on OTT instead of movie theaters. If we look at the comparison of movies released in theaters in recent months and movies released directly on OTT, then it is understandable that OTT content has been liked by the audience.

Bollywood is showing its way through Darlings

This can also be proven with the exact example of the recent Darlings. Darlings is the story of a Muslim couple. Alia Bhatt remains the target of a negative campaign due to nepotism. Despite this, the film was not only appreciated but also widely seen. According to Netflix, Darlings is the most ‘non-English’ movie seen on its platform worldwide. Even before Darlings, the movies that came out on OTT this year gathered a decent audience. Akshay’s movie coming to OTT is definitely a strategic plan.

As far as Katputli is concerned, it will be released on Disney Plus Hotstar next month on September 2. Katputli is the official remake of Mission Cinderella. It is actually a crime thriller drama. The film is directed by Ranjit Tiwari.

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