After 42 years, the grandfather went to the theater to see a Bollywood movie, the time was not right.

At a time when people don’t hesitate to viralize ‘anything’. Many times those things come to us, seeing that we show expressions like Wow, Aww, So Cute, Yuck. The video of one of those Aww moments is in front of us. A person named Dr. Deepak Anjana shared a video on Instagram. No one other than Deepak is the grandfather in the video. The grandfather is wearing a traditional dhoti and kurta and is seen riding the mall’s escalators with complete confidence. Now the question may be that a person’s grandfather can go to the mall in this outfit and use the escalator. What is the problem? The question is valid. But this video of his grandfather with Deepak went viral. The reason is simply that they were both going to the cinema to watch a movie together. And it’s interesting in this case too that Deepak’s grandfather is back in the movie theater after some 42 years.

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Going to the mall with all the swag to see a movie after 42 years, grandpa’s greatness is worth seeing.

As seen in the video, Dada ji not only interacts with the surrounding scenes, but also enjoys himself very much. In the video that Deepak has shared, he has said that when you go to the cinema to see a movie with your grandfather. Also, in his video, Deepak also said that the last time his grandfather went to the cinema to see a movie was in 1980.

There has been an outpouring of reactions to this Deepak video. What is common, what is special, whoever is watching this video is writing songs in praise of this bond.

Instagram, Grandfather, Cinema, Bollywood, Theaters, Boycott, Viral Video, Film Industry, ReactionDada ji saw the movie Kya, Instagram has been flooded with various reactions.

It’s good that Deepak took his grandfather to show the film. But now that this video has come to light, there are some questions, which have come to my mind even unintentionally. Actually this video or says that the timing of showing the movie this way by taking Deepak to the mall is wrong. Yes, you heard absolutely right. Deepak forgot that since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, what is the time until today? That is the era of the Bollywood boycott.

This is a time when audiences stay away from theaters and movies citing various reasons. Nowadays, because of the way big stars are boycotted, it will be rare that someone who shows someone the film also takes her grandfather to the cinema to show the film.

However, again we are saying that what Deepak did well and he did with the right intention, but what was the time to see his movie, there is only a slight doubt about him. Well lucky are those people who have time to spend time with their grandparents. And in such a situation, when we see the lamp, it will definitely be said that the lamp is really lucky.

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