After all, why doesn’t Aamir Khan answer the country’s questions?

It is said that a person should speak something very carefully. That is, he must avoid doing such things, which will later hurt him. This is what is happening today with Aamir Khan. In 2015, Aamir Khan said out loud that ‘they feel insecure in the current environment of the country and they are worried about their children and want to leave the country’. At the time, he had said this in the form of his comments on the start of Modi’s rule to steal applause from Modi’s opponents. He did not know that the Modi government was going to rule India for a long time. Aamir Khan is now promoting his film Laal Singh Chaddha, with an almost begging gesture, urging film lovers across India to definitely see his film. Everyone understands his concern. The success of his film has a lot to do with his future. He knows that if his movie doesn’t work out, he may not be left in the dust, but his career will definitely take a hit.

Aamir Khan himself is responsible for the response that Lal Singh Chaddha has received from the audience.

It’s important to understand that the country has given its all to celebrities like Aamir Khan, but why do they still feel insecure here? Crores of movie lovers from India gave him a lot of love. He earned billions of rupees. He owns expensive properties in posh parts of South Mumbai. They have a long staff of their own. Cars, bungalows, luxury is everything. Everything is available in a single phone. Despite this, they feel fear in India.

If they tell you why they are living in the shadow of fear. If Aamir Khan wants to leave the country due to the alleged growing intolerance in India, then he can leave the country. Go Pakistan or Syria who has stopped them. Why don’t they try to fix the deficiencies in our system? They should reform the system and not run away from it. When they can juggle the Padma prize, can they make the proper arrangements for their safety?

But they talk about running away and by doing so they create insecurity in the mind of the common citizen that Oh Baap Re! When Aamir Khan thinks that, what field are we radishes from? They must remember that if they leave the country, no one will stop them from leaving at Mumbai Chhatrapati International Airport. More than Aamir Khan, his Bollywood co-actor Naseeruddin Shah also feels insecure in India.

They too feel fear in India today. He had said a few years ago: ‘I am afraid that one day an angry mob will surround my children and ask: ‘Are you a Hindu or a Muslim? My children will have no answer on this. Shah had also said that in India today the life of a cow is more valuable than that of a policeman.

But irresponsible comments like Aamir Khan or Shah have never been made by Wipro president Azim Premji, tennis superstar Sania Mirza or Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan. They don’t even say that they or their families are in danger in India. Aamir Khan should take a look inside his own pocket to find out just how scary his statement really was in India.

He should apologize to the country and should also say that at the behest of who made such a statement worrying millions of people Irfan Khan was not at all nineteen Aamir Khan artists. He was a very strong actor. India gave him a lot of love. He got the affection of the country because he didn’t use rhetoric to stay in the news.

The country also sees how you are contributing to nation building. Aamir Khan or Naseeruddin Shah, tell us what they did for their big money for the families of the policemen who were martyred in the Mumbai attacks. Let us tell you how many times he tried to meet the family of brave policeman Tukaram Omble who caught Ajmal Kasab who was playing the game of death in Mumbai.

The whole country is proud of Tukaram Omble. Did Shah or Aamir Khan ever find time to offer flowers to their statue? Now let Aamir Khan also say what is his opinion on triple talaq. After all, let us know how many anti-women or pro-women think. The truth is that on such an important issue, which is related to the lives of Muslim women, why did Aamir Khan always keep silent about it?

However, it must be said that even the educated Muslim middle class did not say anything about the triple talaq. Many eminent women belonging to Muslim high society had receded into the background. Only two meanings of this are understandable. First, everyone is afraid of Muslim fanatics. Second, that everyone remained indifferent on the issue of triple talaq for Muslim women.

It would have been better if Aamir Khan, before the release of his latest film, had given an explanation to the whole country regarding his statement or apologized with folded hands to the country, in which the Mahabharata is now involved. Nobody makes themselves small by apologizing. Indians have a big heart. I would even forgive them generously. But he did not take such a step, that he seemed to have realized his mistake.

Now it’s up to movie lovers to decide whether they will watch Lal Singh Chaddha or not. The film is being boycotted on social media. Aamir Khan actually considers himself to be a very knowledgeable person. They feel that they are oceans of knowledge. But they are just gullible and pretentious intellectuals. They are unable to answer the pointed questions of journalists. It doesn’t even have Ashutosh Rana’s language. They don’t even have a timely response.

Yeah, he’s definitely done some great movies. This is true. Her married life cannot be considered ideal at all. After making two marriages, he divorced his two wives after being satisfied with them. Aamir Khan has to understand that the Indian society also expects a better husband and father from him. He has not been successful in his life on this front. While he improves his image, he will also have to be seen at the country’s construction sites and better movies will have to be made.

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