After Ayodhya, this performance by Kashi, Narendra Modi is BJP’s manifesto in the UP elections!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Kashi Vishwanath corridor in Banaras. Many decorations were seen for the inauguration. As much as it could have happened, it happened. Until now, a prime minister has rarely been seen involved in such religious events. It’s only natural that Modi’s opponents are questioning the adornment worship lesson on behalf of the Corridor Opening by citing the Constitution. Advertisements were printed on the front pages of major newspapers prior to the opening of the corridor. In which only the photo of Narendra Modi was seen.

Some people are arguing in vain that when CM Yogi is the Chief Minister of the state and work was started on the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor during his tenure, why is his face not used in the campaign? While Yogi Adityanath is promoted as the new poster boy of Hindutva? Yogi appears to be present with Modi, but in reality, in the queue, he is standing behind instead of in front.

This whole event itself is described as political. It’s also true. Kashi may be a matter of faith for the BJP, but a political issue is no less so. And today, through Narendra Modi, the BJP has been able to give a political message to the whole country. How effective is Modi’s message from Kashi? A flash of this is visible on the face of Akhilesh Yadav trying to stop the BJP in UP as he reacts to journalists.

Narendra Modi in Kashi.

“Ayodhya is one painting, Kashi-Mathura is the rest.” In the 1990s, this motto brought the BJP to the top of power. But the era this slogan came in, due to the implementation of the Mandal Commission, the All Hindus slogan could not be made. The upper castes took up the motto with more passion. Other Hindu castes who were in contact with the Sangh held to the same slogan with the BJP. The BJP may have been claiming to be a party of Hindus, but did not participate in the shared vote until a decade ago. The BJP had the faces of the backward leaders with the most powerful Hindu appeal in the entire country, but it was proving ineffective in appealing to the backward ones of the UP, who hold the keys to power in the Center. This is what prevented the BJP from returning to the Center.

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It must be remembered that years after the temple movement, the BJP had failed miserably despite using Kalyan Singh and Uma Bharti in UP. And the reason for this was the mutual conflict between the backward Hindu castes that arose after the Mandal. In the decade after Mandal, the conflict grew so deep that some Breeds were unprepared to share centers of power among themselves. Since the politics of that time were being strengthened in the name of antagonism of castes to each other, because of this, many powerful caste narratives were seen in society. Mayawati did the work that BJP couldn’t do even if they wanted to. It was like the biggest political breakthrough in BJP history that he got from BSP. If Mayawati had not tried to unite the Brahmins, the BJP might not have reached the point where it is today, neither in the UP nor in the Center.

Actually, Mayawati’s appeal to connect other castes was effective for the first time. The Castist narratives were weakened due to their appeal. And later, on this basis, BJP’s all-Hindutva dream seemed to be fulfilled. Perhaps it was only after the Mayawati formula that all Hindu castes began to feel secure in the formula of shared power. The mutual participation of different castes in the centers of power was increasing. After the defeat of Mayawati and the coronation of Akhilesh, the BJP achieved many things. Remember: this is about the same time that Akhilesh is assuming command of UP and about the same time that the LK Advani era is moving away from BJP politics. Many powerful faces, including LK Advani, Nitin Gadkari, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Rajnath Singh, are considered prime minister candidates in the Lok Sabha elections, but Narendra Modi, the popular Gujarat Chief Minister and radical Hindutva poster boy, it keeps everyone aside. This is the period when the Breeds break with Akhilesh, who leads the sole leader of the backward. There is also dissatisfaction in the family.

Before Modi’s coronation in the BJP, the effect was that many backward castes were ready to share power with the higher castes.

Modi’s coronation was not just like that. Modi was a simple worker. He came from a simple family that used to sell tea in childhood. he belonged to other backward castes. His image was a mark of fire after the Godhra riots. Development is considered a man. In general, for Pan-Hindutva, Modi’s face was favorable to the BJP and the Sangh in all respects. Had it not been for Modi, the magical charisma that the BJP has seen in the last seven years would not have happened. Because of this, Modi faced each other from Banaras rather than any other part of the country. The anarchy of people belonging to a particular caste in the Akhilesh government forced other backward groups to think of other political options. The Modi-Shah duo added these groups one by one. For this, alliances were also made.

The first generation of Hindutva de Sangh was definitely led by the upper castes, but now the second generation is in the hands of others in reverse. At the moment, his face can only be Narendra Modi, it can also be Keshav Maurya, not Yogi Adityanath. The Sangh and the BJP know it. Yogi Adityanath as well. Their mutual understanding on this matter is slightly better than that of other parties. They reconcile things. The BJP can avoid giving Modi the credit for the defeat, but victory is difficult without him. Don’t get carried away by the grandeur of the event at Kashi. Listen to the sounds that arise from that greatness. Kashi is being taken as an all-Hindutva achievement under Modi’s leadership just like Ayodhya without waging a legal battle.

There are many stories on social media. Through this it is known that a part that was on the Gyanvapi campus has also been separated through the corridor. Listen to Modi’s speech. Watch what they say do what they say. Watch the celebration of people on social media. He said about Kashi, and he did all the things. “Ayodhya is a painting, Kashi is Mathura’s rest.” If Kashi is also an achievement after Ayodhya, what is left? Just Mathura! After the Ayodhya and Kashi images, Mathura is Akhilesh’s biggest headache in the elections. Remember Keshav Maurya’s tweet, which he made just a few days ago. I also met the Prime Minister after the tweet. The signs are clear. The new generation of Hindutva has compromised power. And proceeding under that.

Ayodhya-Kashi’s achievement under Modi is the BJP’s manifesto in the 2022 elections. The other things that ordinary people seem to trust Modi for now remain. If the journalists sitting in Delhi cannot see such things, then it is their personal fault.

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