After husband’s death, Mandira Bedi changed Instagram DP away from social media!

Main characteristics:

  • Mandira Bedi is devastated by the demise of her husband Raj Kaushal on June 30
  • Mandira Bedi has put black DP in her profile
  • Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal got married on 14 February 1999.

Actress Mandira Bedi is going through a difficult phase these days. Mandira Bedi is in shock when her husband Raj Kaushal passed away on June 30. Some pictures of Raj Kaushal’s last farewell came out in which Mandira Bedi was seen crying loudly. Four days after her husband Raj Kaushal died of a heart attack, Mandira Bedi has changed the profile picture of her social media account Instagram.

While her smiling face was visible in the DP of Mandira Bedi’s Instagram profile, now she has put a black DP in her profile. Which is a kind of sad picture and also a sign of cutting himself from social media.


Mandira Bedi is shocked by the sudden death of her husband. Both Mandira and Raj’s children are still young, but how many beautiful dreams would have been fulfilled about them and in this way all the dreams were shattered while playing the game of nature. Mandira Chodhar, who was involved in the last journey of her husband, spilled out tears.


Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal got married on 14 February 1999. Their first child was born in 2011 and they adopted a daughter in 2020. Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal have a son Veer and a daughter named Tara. Raj Kaushal directed films like ‘Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi’, ‘Shaadi Ka Laddu’ and ‘Anthony Kaun Hai’. He was also the producer of ‘My Brother Nikhil’, ‘Shaadi Ka Laddu’ and ‘Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi’. He was the stunt director of the 1992 film Bekhudi.

Question 11

Raj Kaushal did love marriage with Mandira Bedi in 1999. Raj and Mandira first met in 1996. Raj was then working in a company that made advertising films and needed a young woman to do a Philips commercial. Mandira was very popular then because of the serial ‘Shanti’. They became good friends after the first meeting and then they got married.

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Mandira Bedidi was crying at the crematorium during her husband’s funeral

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