After Liger, the charge sheet filed against Karan Johar’s Brahmastra, the list of accusations is long!

The ongoing campaign against Brahmastra on Twitter is very broad and strong, almost like Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha. The Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt-starring film will be released next month on September 9. But long before the release, all hashtags related to Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions’ Ayan Mukerji-directed film were seen top trending on Twitter on social media. The strength of the protest can only be gauged by the fact that millions of tweets, retweets and reactions are pouring into #BoycottBrahmastra #Brahmastra #RanbirKapoor #AliaBhatt and #BoycottBollywood.

Now if you look at the reactions coming in all trends, then people’s ‘charge sheet’ regarding Brahmastra is strong and the list of accusations is also very long. Pretty much the same old things are coming out, the way Aamir’s Laal Singh was seen with Chaddha. Let us know why people oppose Brahmastra on social media and Lal Singh Chaddha after Liger calls on Bollywood producers and stars not to watch Brahmastra. Another thing is that the film and its associated team have nothing to do with all the accusations. But the blade is tearing at his head.

All troll groups are also active. By the way, it is not correct to oppose a film like this. Let’s talk about the complaints made by people.

#1. Alia Bhatt’s family

He opposes Brahmastra for all the accusations related to Alia Bhatt’s family. Alia is the wife of Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan. Mahesh Bhatt is being accused of having Hindu phobia. All his statements are in dispute. Many photos of Mahesh Bhatt are also going viral, through which they try to say that he is a Muslim. There is also a photo of him with the fugitive Islamic scholar Zakir Naik.

Alia’s film is also facing negative campaign due to mother Soni Razdan. Especially that statement by Soni Razdan in which she called it better to go to Pakistan is becoming very viral.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are a couple in Brahmastra.

Alia’s film is also in the spotlight for the Bhatt family’s longstanding connection to terrorist David Headley, who played a key role in the feared Mumbai terror attacks. Mahesh Bhatt’s son and Alia’s brother, Rahul, was a friend of David. And he said that he once saw the image of her father in David Headley. However, Rahul had also said that he did not know beforehand that David was a terrorist.

There are also allegations of alleged financing by the Bhatt family of Rana Ayub, an Islamic journalist who has always raised her voice against the Sangh and the BJP in international forums. In all trends, a photo is very viral in which Alia, her stepsister Pooja Bhatt and Rana Ayub are seen. Rana is sitting on a sofa while both excuses are standing behind her and smiling.

Apart from these, Alia’s statement in which the actress said that if we don’t like it then why should you look at us is also very viral. There are many such claims, so Alia and her Brahmastra film are asked not to watch it.

#two. By Ranbir Kapoor

In opposition to Bollywood, it was also seen that the alleged arbitrariness of Punjabi families, especially those from present-day Pakistan, is also a theme in Hindi cinema. People allege that these Punjabi families have abused their dominance over cinema. Ranbir Kapoor’s family is also one of the legendary families of Bollywood, who is originally from Peshawar. Many people are appealing not to watch Brahmastra to end Punjabi supremacy.

A video of Ranbir’s interview is very viral. Actually, in the interview, Ranbir talks about her favorite dishes. The actors say they like lamb, paya, veal, red veal. Even he is crazy about beef. He opposes Brahmastra on the pretext of beef.

Some PK images are also being used to oppose Brahmastra. In fact, Ranbir Kapoor was also seen with Aamir Khan at the climax of PK, which attacked religious hypocrisy. He is being criticized for allegedly mocking deities.

Just a few days ago, a Brahmastra picture came out showing Ranbir wearing shoes and ringing the bell. By sharing images of the alleged kissing scene in the temple, an appeal is made not to watch the film of anti-Hindu stars.

#3. By Karan Johar

Brahmastra is produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. Naturally, thanks to him there is also strong opposition to the film. Memes of Karan Johar’s statements about Hindi, festivals and Indian culture are being shared.

He is called the biggest abbot of nepotism in Bollywood. It is said that the career of all actors like Sushant Singh Rajput is ruined. Karan Johar is being accused of being anti-Pakistan and it is said that he has always served the good and humane side of Islam through movies like ‘My name is Khan’. Whereas Hinduophobes are seen in movies and such things have been promoted a lot through movies that oppose or make fun of India and Indian culture.

Some of the reactions can be seen in the tweet below:

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