After the Pakistani Prime Minister, Arshad Warsi also enjoyed the Russia-Ukraine crisis, but the class was fierce!

Russian attacks on Ukraine continue for the second day in a row. Reactions are pouring in from all over the world regarding this incident. Especially for someone on social media, if this is a sensitive topic, then for many people the Russian-Ukrainian crisis is also seen as a joke and people also share a lot of photo videos in the form of memes. Controversy was also seen on social media regarding some of these reactions. Like Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan who visited Russia, Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi is in the spotlight.

Actually, Arshad Warsi, while sharing the video of one of his dramatic comedy movies, tried to tell the Russia and Ukraine crisis in a light way, but people didn’t like it. Arshad Warsi shared a meme video of the 2006 comedy drama starring Golmaal. Golmaal is directed by Rohit Shetty. Sharing the meme, Warsi wrote: “Self explanatory… Golmaal was way ahead of its time. In addition to Arshad Warsi, Golmaal stars Ajay Devgn, Tusshar Kapoor, Rimi Sen, Sharman Joshi, Paresh Rawal and Mukesh Tiwari. in key roles had arrived.

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People did not like Arshad Warsi’s reaction to the Ukraine crisis.

What’s in the Golmaal video meme?

In the meme shared by Warsi, it appeared as Ukraine, Sharman as the United States, Ajay Devgan in Germany, Tusshar Kapoor as France, Mukesh Tiwari as Russia, and Rimi Sen as the rebel-controlled areas of Ukraine. There is a scene in the video where Warsi is seen falling in love with Rimi. They head straight for Rimi. Ajay, Sharman and Tushar are also seen with him in the video. But during this time there is an entrance of Mukesh Tiwari, who collects the loan. Because Mukesh is a debtor, Warsi starts running at the sight of him. Meanwhile, Warsi gets caught up in the thugs. This cheating situation has been compared to Ukraine, which people don’t like.

People on Twitter are seeing this social status of Warsi as insensitive. Warsi has been heavily criticized by many and as a man who rejoices in war. Some even wrote that a sovereign country is in trouble. Dozens of people may have died from the war. There is a crisis in the lives of millions of innocent people and in this too the actor found elements of laughter. Some said that Warsi is not a human being. However, some of Warsi’s followers also tried to defend themselves and wrote that the actor’s motive was not at all what he criticizes himself for. Warsi appears to have deleted the tweet after an uproar on Twitter. The controversial tweet is not visible on his handle at this time.

Imran Khan has also become a troll

Before Arshad Warsi, the Pakistani prime minister also faced criticism for displaying irresponsible behavior in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Imran Khan is currently on an official tour in Russia. As soon as Imran arrived, Russia announced an attack on Ukraine. In the current crisis, the eyes of the world were on his visit. A video of the Prime Minister of Pakistan is going very viral on social networks. The video is told after his landing in Moscow. The video is right and wrong, you can’t say for sure right now, but you can definitely hear Imran say that: I’ve come here at the right time, I’m very curious. People were targeting Imran Khan for this video and calling him bad. Many people who criticize Imran are also from Pakistan. Imran is being condemned with many memes.

Call to stop the war around the world

Citizens from all over the world have demanded to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia’s attack is being taken by most people as an invasion of a sovereign state by a powerful country. There are also powerful countries like the United States, France, Germany and Great Britain in the crosshairs of the people who had guaranteed Ukraine’s security. There are also reactions in which Taiwan and India have been warned, citing the current crisis.

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