Ahmedabad: Police arrested Payal Rohatgi during society meeting

Main characteristics:

  • Payal Rohatgi posted dirty message in WhatsApp group
  • Made a post on Instagram against the members of the society
  • Payal Rohatgi was taken to the police station.

Ahmedabad: Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi, who has been in controversies due to her statements and social media posts, has once again come into controversy. In the satellite area, she used to delete her social media by writing comments in abusive and abusive language against the members of her society. The actress has been arrested by satellite police after she filed a complaint against the president of the society, who threatens to kill her if she comes to the meeting despite not being a member of the society and threatens to kill him.

Dr Paragbhai Shah, a resident of Satellite Sundarban Epitome, has lodged a complaint at Satellite Police Station that the AGM of the members of the society was held on June 20. In which the members of the society were invited. However, Payal came to the meeting despite not being a member. So the Speaker said to him, Your parents are members. Your mother is present, you will not speak in the midst of being a member. After saying this Payal threatened to kill the members by speaking abusive language. With this, he started video recording.

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The society president alleged that the actress had also posted obscene and lewd messages in the society’s WhatsApp group, which was removed after the members knocked on it. Payal has been uploading videos on Instagram of members of the society who have four or five children since March, saying in Hindi, “Family planning is not done. Some people in our society don’t think about family planning. The president of our society is a bully.’ Payal has posted this on Instagram.

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According to the complaint, Payal also wrote that the society is illegal. He also threatened the children of the society, “If you play here I will destroy Tatya.” The president of the society finally informed the police about the matter and the police have started further investigation by registering a complaint in the whole matter.

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