Ajay Devgan’s Runway 34 Must See These 3 Driver Stories Before Release

Ajay Devgan’s film Runway 34 is a suspense drama whose story focuses on aviation. The trailer for the film has arrived today. The story of the film is based on real events. In 2015, a Jet Everways passenger plane crashed into a blind landing after being caught in bad weather. The plane attempted to land seven times but crashed on the last landing. From the point of view of Bollywood, this topic seems completely new and fresh, but those stories have been made in Hollywood or other countries. Let’s talk about three such famous movies.

#1. Departure

Sali is a 2016 biographical drama, the film is the true story of a veteran pilot who accidentally landed a plane full of passengers in a river after a mid-air accident. Sali is actually the name of the old pilot. The story of the film is such that Sally takes off from New York with her crew. However, exactly three minutes later, an accident occurs at a height of 2,800 feet in the sky. It happens that a group of birds collides with the plane. Due to this, both engines of the plane are damaged.

Tom Hanks in Surley. Photo courtesy of Sully/IMDb.

The crew immediately informs the control room about the incident. Sali is asked to return to the track. Although it is difficult to return to Sali’s eyes. She tells the control room for her to land in the Hudson River. No pilot had ever landed on the Hudson River. Meanwhile, Sali loses contact with the control room. Facing all the trouble in the air, Sali makes the plane land in the river with a heavy jolt. Later, the rescue team rescues all the passengers safely. The passengers cannot believe that they have survived. The media praise Sali for this work, on the other hand, sits the investigation committee in which Sali is accused of disobeying the control room and arbitrariness.

The committee believes the plane could have returned to the runway but Sali did not. Sali argues that this was not possible and he made the decision of which was the best at that moment. Surly and the crew are questioned. There is also a computerized investigation of the whole thing. That is, the entire event is recreated with the help of a computer. In which Sali is proven wrong. Sali is disappointed that her 40 years of work are being judged on the basis of decisions of a few seconds. Sally’s career is in jeopardy. He is unwilling to accept the committee’s arguments. In his own way, Sali again requests the commutation of the trial and shows that his decision was correct. Tom Hanks played the lead role of Sully.

#two. flight

Flight is a 2012 suspenseful drama with aviation at the center of its story. This is the story of a black airline pilot who is in a rakish mood. The role of the pilot is played by Denzel Washington. Pilot is addicted to drugs and alcohol. He flies with an airplane. But after takeoff, the plane faces bad weather. Due to the deteriorating balance of the plane in the sky, there is suddenly chaos. Although the crew takes care of things. The shift chief pilot drinks vodka mixed with juice. And he is seen sleeping in the cabin.

Shortly after the incident, the plane has problems again. The passengers start screaming. After this, the chief pilot struggles to land the plane. But he sees no hope and assumes that it is now impossible to save the plane. He also records some messages on the CVR in the cabin so that his last voice reaches the relatives. However, along with this, he keeps looking for a safe place to land.

In the end, the pilot risks landing on the ground. During landing, the plane breaks down in the middle. There were 102 passengers on board the plane. In which only 6 people died. The pilot is praised for saving people. However, the investigation committee learns that the pilot was intoxicated during the trip. For this he could be sentenced to life in prison. How the pilot survives is shown in the film’s story. This movie is also inspired by a real incident.

#3. Captain

This Chinese movie, which came out in the year 2019, is also based on a real incident. This story is about the pilot whose crew goes through the special route from Sichuwan to Lhasa with 190 passengers. This is a very dangerous route in terms of weather. Since the lead pilot is experienced and has taken the plane several times on this route, there was nothing to worry about before take off. The route was dangerous because it was over the high frozen mountains. Due to the high altitude above sea level, there are very strong winds and sometimes storms arise here and due to flying at high altitude, the air pressure is also dangerous. While at low altitude there is a risk of crashing into mountains and blizzards.

Everything is fine after takeoff. But suddenly the air pressure begins to increase. The wing glass on the right side of the cockpit cracks and breaks. The pilot gets stuck in the window. His life is saved thanks to the seat belt. On the other hand, there is an atmosphere of chaos inside the plane. Meanwhile, a door also opens under air pressure. The plane’s balance is deteriorating and people are struggling to breathe due to lack of oxygen. It goes without saying what the state of the plane will be. There is chaos from the plane to the control room. People wear oxygen masks. The crew takes care of the passengers while the chief pilot somehow manages to save the plane based on experience. Zhang Hanyu played the lead role.

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