Akshay Kumar Announcement: ‘Padman’ Plays Sister-In-Law With Two Countries, Brother Dies Due To Rs 5 Gutkha!

In fact. We live in a world where there is no universal definition and explanation of what is right, what is wrong, who is right and who is wrong. It can be seen everywhere. It means everywhere – everywhere. Society, politics, cinema, business everywhere. There is no one who can be called ideal. Take Akshay Kumar as an example. He is currently in a tremendous discussion due to a gutkha ad. People have been openly expressing their displeasure over Akshay’s paradox for a few days and he is writing very badly. Akshay’s paradox gives people the right to express their discontent and say bad things.

Akshay is not new to gutkha advertising. For example, the brand they advertise already has veteran Bollywood actors. Ajay Devgan has been heard singing the praises of ‘Jubaan Kesari’ for many months. While the chorus of him was also joined by Shahrukh Khan a few months ago. Salman Khan also made a pseudo-advertisement for a Gutkha brand.

Amitabh Bachchan was also seen as part of this choir in one brand. But when people learned about polio mahamantra to give “two drops of life”, the great man got angry and tried to explain first under hypocracy. If things didn’t seem to work, then maybe he tried to correct the mistake.

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Akshay Kumar announcement. Photo: courtesy of an advertisement on YouTube.

Ajay and Shahrukh also protested. But such reasons were not found for people to argue about their contradiction. But Akshay’s business mind became a victim of greed for money. In fact, the reason behind Akshay’s strong opposition is the image of the social reformer ‘Padman’ of him. Akshay has become a big face of the health campaign in India. Certainly, through cinema in rural and urban India, he has shown a great and necessary movement to save the lives of women who are facing all kinds of problems during menstruation.

Akshay is nothing less than a health campaign agitator, but he destroyed everything with an ad.

Due to Akshay, the effect of the menstruation health campaign can be seen today even in small towns and cities. First, Akshay’s film made social taboo an important issue in the home and society, and then his sanitary napkin ad was shown to raise awareness. There was one more thing in Akshay’s health ad. A great message about smoking and tobacco use also came out.

In a health campaign advertisement, Akshay is seen explaining to a city man smoking a cigarette, “Herogyri fu fu karne mein nahi.” Akshay explains that with the amount of money one wastes smoking two cigarettes a day, he can buy sanitary pads for his wife and make his life safe from many diseases. But as soon as Akshay decided to join Ajay and Shah Rukh at the Jubaan Kesari club, the criticism started pouring in. Really, what if this isn’t called Akshay’s paradox regarding smoking and tobacco use?

Gutkha is often consumed in the country along with tobacco. However, due to tobacco laws that came into existence a few years ago, gutka companies now sell tobacco and gutkha as separate brands. Gutkhas advertisement is also disguised. Actually say some Gutkha brand ambassador is selling plain pan masala but the truth is he seems to be selling only tobacco pan masala. In other words, what Akshay was heard saying wrong in one ad is promoting the same thing in another. Pan masala and tobacco are one of the leading causes of deadly diseases like oral cancer in the country.

The good news is that Akshay Kumar has accepted the mistake and apologized.

Sharp but natural reactions against Akshay were seen on social media. Padman was ridiculed in many memes.

See how the outrage against Akshay Kumar was expressed in some of the tweets below.

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