Akshay Kumar, who has given three flops, has high hopes for Katputli, but the trailer looks weak!

The trailer for Akshay Kumar’s police thriller ‘Katputli’ has been released during a special puppet event in Mumbai. The creators had announced a day earlier that the film would be released directly on the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform instead of in theaters. Katputli will be Akshay Kumar’s fourth film this year. Previously Bachchan Pandey, Samrat Prithviraj and Raksha Bandhan of the actor were released. Unfortunately, all three movies failed to show any charisma among the audience. Perhaps due to the poor performance of Bollywood movies in theaters, the creators have decided to stream directly on OTT.

Directed by Ranjit Tiwari, ‘Katputli’ is actually an official remake of Mission Cinderella. The backdrop for the new Hindi version of Akshay is Kasauli, the famous tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Very beautiful scenes of Kasauli have come out in the trailer. In keeping with the mood of the crime thriller drama, Kasauli’s selection can be called the best at the moment. At the beginning of the trailer, the beauty of the mountains is mesmerizing. If we talk about the story of ‘Katputli’, it is actually interwoven around the mystery of serial murders. The story has two main ends. There is a killer and a police officer trying to catch him. Akshay has played the role of a police phaser.

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Here you can watch the trailer for the movie below:-

The crime of the feared serial killer in Kasauli has scared people. No one knows who the killer is. The people on the hill are stunned by his horrible adventures. The police are concerned about the killer’s challenge. The killer is committing murders one after another. The police do not have to find the bodies of the victims who were victimized by him, but they come to the police. In fact, the murderer leaves the victim’s body in public places. He is also trying to execute the third murder. Meanwhile, those dedicated to solving the mystery understand the killer’s bias. The clue has not arrived, but the truth is that the murderer will definitely go out to make the third victim within two days. Akshay’s challenge is to stop the third murder and catch the killer.

Akshay has only two days to meet the challenge. Akshay schemes to catch a highly intelligent serial killer with a mind game. Meanwhile, a school teacher also appears on Akshay’s radar due to suspicions. However, other characters in the film are unclear. In such a situation, who is the murderer, at least from the trailer, is not known. The biggest mystery in the puppet is who the killer is and what is the motive behind the murders. Whether Akshay can get to the killer in two days or not, and even if he does, then how, under the guise of investigating the crime, has he tried to fill the thrill of the mystery in the film. Speaking of the shock of the trailer, it should be considered weak in keeping with the mood of the thriller. For now, the best of the trailer is seen in its location.

Akshay Kumar and Rakulpreet in Katputli.

Rakulpreet Singh is alongside Akshay in the film. Rakulpreet is also in the role of a policeman who is seen working with Akshay. Apart from Akshak Rakul, Sargun Mehta and Chandrachud Singh also have major roles. Katputli will be released on September 2. The idea of ​​​​what the film will be like will be known only after streaming.

Akshay’s credibility is at stake, now OTT platform support

Speaking of Akshay Kumar, his career is in its most difficult phase for the first time in almost a decade. Three of his films have been released in theaters this year. But all three films did not live up to expectations. Even the audience did not like Akshay’s work and people even said that Khiladi Kumar is seen repeating himself badly. The success of the fourth film as a puppet has become a major issue for the actor.

Since Katputli is on OTT, there will be no box office game here. Despite this, Akshay must hope that the audience appreciates his work in the film. If Akshay doesn’t live up to the audience’s expectations for the fourth time in a row with Katputli, then who will seriously damage his stardom.

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