Alia Bhatt-Ranbeer Kapoor Marriage: The search for a beautiful and rich bride never ends!

I just read a news story that Alia Bhatt has been placed under house arrest ‘alone’. The reason for this is just that Alia does not want any aerial gay paparazzi to see her until the wedding and make a profit on behalf of the marriage on behalf of the marriage. Now Alia’s movie doesn’t even come, that if she sells photos through paparazzi, she will get the direct benefit of any of her movies posted of her in theaters. Why should Alia become a part of such propaganda in which she is of no use?

Alia is to marry Ranbir Kapoor next week. But so far no concrete information has come to light. Tremendous blasphemy. An atmosphere of marriage has been created in the general public, which can actually be seen as an event. There is a business model behind the event. Although the Alia-Ranveer marriage is not a business. Rather it is a normal wedding, as you see and do. The only difference is that we work from home, in the local wedding hall or from any hotel that reaches the limit of the budget and nobody else pays us in return. The dowry is something else.

Pretty much the same thing happens here too. Like Anil Kapoor did with his daughter Sonam at home. Or as Alia-Ranbir is going to do and whose budget Tuscany can afford, they have been there and will go there too. But all marriages are normal. The only difference is the business model. That is, their marriages are an event along with weddings. There are many people at the event. How the event will be, decide the amount of the business. Where will the weddings of the stars take place at home, city, country or abroad, the reason for all this is business. It is just that.

Alia and Ranbir.

Look at the ‘Khalihar’ style of the public in our country. It gets stuck in every event. Friends, even with friends, instead of talking about our joys and sorrows, gains and losses, we talk about the event. Alia is discussing topics such as when Ranbir will get married, how are the preparations, who will be the guest, who has not been called, what will happen to their ex, etc. It is not in our discussion that if inflation has increased, then there may be private ways to deal with it. What can she do to ensure that children’s education continues to function well in the expensive era? Can we also do some kind of work that increases the income of the family? Or there may be no way to identify unnecessary expenses and cut them. Or how we can maintain the collective happiness of the family. I can say with certainty that people who get caught up in ‘events’ cannot do this.

What used to be normal events now become events and we are a natural part of them. It happens that in any social, political and cultural or cinematographic event, our role is neither that of an investor nor that of an actor. We are just consumers. The news of Alia and the people consuming the photo of her. We are so empty. And the fault of her is not Ranbir-Alia but our establishments.

Let’s go back a bit when there was no such thing as a ‘smart phone’ in the world. Television became special. And most people bought newspapers and didn’t ask or read in stores. Even then there was a business model but I had not learned how to create events. At that time a question was often asked of the hero or heroine, which every common man read with fervor. “What does the princess or the prince of dreams want?” The star’s answer used to come: “He must be a little smart, handsome, love me very much. Even if he is not rich, he will, but there must be no shortage in other things. Etc. etc.”

others_040922054854.jpgAlia and Ranbir.

And the common man began to look for himself in the princess or prince of the dreams of the stars. Many even agreed that what more do they need to do now. Some Alia, Deepika is waiting for you. It’s also true, whose wife is successful, beautiful and rich like Deepika, even if she doesn’t do the work, she can still live a proud life. This fantasy from people’s minds was squeezed and sold by our cinema. And it sold well.

How our ‘parents’ spent their youth searching for Seth and their only daughter

Comfortable. Some even wrote letters in blood and sent them to the stars. Some left their homes and fled to Bombay. In the dream of becoming the prince of dreams, thousands of sweepers, better and not knowing what else became his dream that should not have been his dream. Not because this job is bad, but because they deserved better. To comfortably become a successful woman or man, people have made assumptions about what is the need to do something. But the perceptions that were being created due to all the reasons around him failed to comprehend. His beliefs were enriched and strengthened by the cinema. They thought – he only loves Seth’s daughter. Get married and it’s done. All this has been shown in so many movies. In our parents’ generation, many young people were still looking for the only daughter. Youth faded and some found Seth and his daughter. On the other hand, the prince or princess of the dreams of the stars has never seen any poor beautiful, intelligent, affectionate. This is the fact.

A tremendously common aspect of the stars has been coming up again and again in their interviews. Prithviraj Kapoor to Karthik Aryan is almost the same. It was that they had nothing. There was no support of any kind. He had a life like a normal person. He fought and achieved success. You have never laughed, what would have been the state of Amitabh Bachchan, whose father would have been personally known to the Prime Minister of the country at the time. And Amitabh also had to fight. Prithviraj’s family used to live in a two-story pucca house when even all the rich people in our place couldn’t imagine a pucca roof.

People from the family of Nawabs-zamindars also recount the fight as if they had been brought up in the house of the weakest man in the country. Nawazuddin Bhai, who comes from the landlord household, also repeats the matter of being a vigilante, and Kartik Aaryan, whose parents have a wealthy profession, also recounts how many papads he did to become an actor. They say half truth and half lie about his business model and we accept it. Many go down the same path and ruin their lives and their family’s lives without even seeing that guy, do you have that thing in you?

A business model where everyone except the consumer is profitable

Simply put, the business model only sells dreams. Every star is a dream merchant. If a star does not appear in your dreams, it will not be discussed at your dining tables, then make sure that you are going through a serious financial crisis or your source of income has stopped. Or live life as a pensioner. The more discussed, the more its status. How many Sachin and Virat have been among those who play cricket every day and watch every game. But you will find thousands buying the players’ autographs, their shirts, their old torn kits, even their used towels for thousands of rupees. Buy it because it has been coming in your dreams.

They don’t believe that despite playing every day and watching every cricket match in life, what has cricket given them? Big numbers have always been part of a fake world where their status was never more than that of a consumer. He did not look at any options other than the comfortable consumer. At today’s date, there are not many investors in a cricket match event, not knowing how many players, not knowing how many boards sending players. The winner of the World Cup has a tremendous advantage and the team that does not win a single match also has an advantage. Investors, players, boards, event organizers make a profit. The only difference is that some got a lot, some were normal, and some less. The question is, what did the viewer find and what effect did it have on his life? The ‘event’ business is a business where everyone except the consumer lives on profit.

In general, I want to say that dreams are sold everywhere. It is a dream world. Bollywood weddings are also events like the Cricket World Cup. where there are many investors. There is little shortage of investors putting money behind the stars that appear in people’s dreams. The more they hide, the more business potential will increase. Don’t hide because the crowd of fans will bombard your marriage. People will come in and the public DJ will dance after drinking the expensive liquor of the guests. Or entering the buffet, you will finish the plates of food.

ranbir_040922054912.jpgAlia and Ranbir

How many people attending the neighbor’s wedding have noticed the groom’s preparations?

Alia Ranveer knows that all this will not happen. Because in our country people don’t make much difference even with her uncle’s marriage. It is a fun occasion for them, where they meet their cousins, cousins, cousins ​​after a long time. Invite your friends under the guise of marriage. Hidden in a room in the car or marriage hall, they drink alcohol and marijuana. Dance fiercely. Stare at beautiful girls and flirt. By registering her presence during the farewell, thousands say goodbye to two thousand. And if there is an opportunity in the middle of all this, the groom stands next to the bride for two or four minutes. And those who go to the neighbor’s procession don’t even realize what the groom is wearing. After receiving five thousand facials and all the cures in marriage, how the groom’s face shone: only her family members can give the answer, not the groom. Well, what’s going to happen to this group of Aaliya’s marriage.

But in the business model, if Alia’s wedding is an event, it will make a difference. Since Aaliya is in this group’s dreams, he may not be going to her wedding, but he wants to know everything. What is Alia preparing, what will she wear, how much does her lehenga cost, what did Alia-Ranveer do at the wedding. Who came, why didn’t they come? What was fed to the people at the wedding? By what customs was the marriage effected, etc. etc. Now if the stars don’t fake it and keep reporting about it from time to time like they do with their movies, this will not serve the purpose of the business model and how the Alia-Ranveer wedding will become a good event. Whoever is the star in the world has lived the life of the event. And he is ready to reap all the benefits that come from it.

Auspicious benefits of stars living the life of events

What will a star who lives the life of the event gain from displaying or promoting free photos? Whereas he gets a hefty deal even for the wedding album. What to wear – it’s a deal. Where will you get married? There is also a chance to make a profit on this. You will be told everything except under one of his business models. All information has a price. Now even the pregnancy of the stars has become an event. He must have seen the photo shoot. Stars have become such big dream merchants that now they don’t even give free interviews. This is your good fortune. Good thing you can see yours too.

Last thing. The business model in which everyone except the consumer lives on profit is called entertainment. This era is not just about being a consumer.

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