All eyes are back on Galvan Valley

Bhadra chandran

For the past year, India and China have clashed in the Galvan Valley in Ladakh. The encounter claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers and an undisclosed number of Chinese soldiers. Although the ice did not melt in the talks, India and China relaxed for months. But when winter returns, murmurs rise from the border. China is trying to establish permanent camps with concrete buildings near the Line of Control. Just a few kilometers from Naku-Lai in Sikkim, China is setting up a provocative camp in India, citing high-level government sources, the ANI news agency said. Reports. The ANI reports that this is not a temporary camp, but a permanent camp to provide security for Chinese soldiers during the winter. India believes in the interpretation of Chinese political leaders that it is ready for talks and compromises while provocations continue. He said that India did not accept any provisions put forward in the current Line of Control (LoC) conflict between the two countries and that relations between the two countries could only advance amicably by restoring peace in eastern Ladakh. Jayashankar reported. He made the remarks during a meeting between S. Jayasankar and Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi in Dushanbe. The Chinese State Councilor replied that at present the two countries do not threaten each other and that there is an opportunity to join efforts for development. Political disputes between India and China are irrelevant in trade. The figures for the first six months of 2021 are a good sign for both countries. India exported $ 14.7 billion to China, while imports totaled $ 42.6 billion. – Business Today reports. India’s stance on the Galván region has drawn strong criticism within the country. Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi had alleged that the withdrawal of Indian troops from eastern Ladakh had ceded Indian land to China. Rahul Gandhi accused the prime minister of being a coward who could not stand up to China. The Sonia Gandhi-led Congress has decided to raise the issue of the India-China border at the monsoon session of Parliament that begins on July 19. Opposition parties are preparing to use the Indochina border issue as a powerful weapon against the central government. ****

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