allahabad high court news: “Law should be presented to pay homage to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna”; Allahabad High Court Says Raman Is India’s Soul: Bringing Law In Honor Of Lord Rama And Krishna, Allahabad High Court Says


  • Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are part of Indian culture.
  • A special law must be applied to show respect.
  • Observed by the Allahabad High Court.

Agra: The Allahabad High Court has observed that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are part of the culture and heritage of India. Along with the two, Ramayana, Bhavat Gita, Valmiki and Veda Vyasa are part of the Indian culture. Judge Shekhar Kumar Yadav, a single judge, observed that a special law should be introduced in Parliament to pay tribute to all of them.

The court released Aakash Jadhav, alias Suryaprakash, on bail in a case for making a bad reference to Ram and Krishna on Facebook. An atheist is free to believe in God. But he does not have the authority to publicly invoke images or writings that defame God. Akash Jadhav’s action is questioning the faith of the majority in the country. The court said such movements were a threat to peace and brotherhood.

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The Constitution of India guarantees the right to freedom of expression. According to him, any citizen can speak freely, but no one has the right to hurt the religious feelings of others in the name of freedom of expression. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna have been in the hearts of the Indians for thousands of years. It is essential to respect the culture and the greats of the country in which you live.

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The Constitution of India allows a citizen to believe or remain an atheist. It is mandatory to teach children about Indian culture in schools across the country. Raman is the soul and culture of India. India is incomplete without Ram. The higher court also ruled in favor of those who believe in Raman in the Ram Janmabhoomi case.

Many countries have provisions to severely punish incidents that challenge and insult beliefs. Beliefs must be respected. In recent years references have been made to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Such acts must not take place in any religion such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or Sikhism. Judge Sekhar Kumar Yadav said that you have to learn to respect. Previously, Judge Shekhar Kumar Yadav had denied bail to the defendant in the case of killing the cow and demanded that the cow be declared a national animal.

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