allahabad high court on cow: cow should be given fundamental rights; Should be declared a national animal: Allahabad High Court: the cow is part of the culture of India should be declared a national animal Allahabad High Court


  • The cow must have fundamental rights
  • The cow must be declared a national animal.
  • Allahabad High Court as an observer

Lucknow: The Allahabad High Court has ruled that the cow is part of Indian culture and therefore should be declared a national animal. The Allahabad High Court has denied bail to Javed, who was arrested for violating the Prevention Act of the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The sole judge of the High Court, Sekhar Kumar Yadav, observed that Parliament should pass a law to give the cow a fundamental right and declare it a national animal. The judge said that the cow was associated with Indian culture and that those who attacked it should be severely punished.

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‘Go, protection work is not limited to one religion. The cow is part of the culture of India and it is the duty of citizens of all religions to protect the culture of India, ”the court observed.

The Allahabad High Court observed that the cow must be declared a national animal and those who speak of endangering the cow must be severely punished.

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The court rejected Javed’s bail statement, saying that India was a country where people of different faiths and customs thought the same way. Javed has already been arrested for the crime. The court rejected his request for bail on the grounds that granting him bail would again undermine the unity of society.

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At the same time, the court also referred to the operation of the stables in Uttar Pradesh when considering the application for bail. Speaking about the deplorable condition of the stables, he said that it is very sad that those who speak of cow protection are becoming cow eaters.

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