amit shah on modi: ‘I’ve never seen a leader like this’; Amit Shah says Modi is the greatest democratic leader


  • Modi is the best democratic leader.
  • Some try to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister.
  • Final decisions are made by Modi.

New Delhi: Union Interior Minister Amit Shah today praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for keeping the BJP leadership and the Union government on the defensive over the slaughter of farmers in Lakhimpur. He said that Prime Minister Modi was the greatest democratic leader he had ever seen. He said it was regrettable that those who had other opinions were trying to distort the truth to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister.

The Union Minister of the Interior rejected the accusation that Modi’s actions amounted to a dictatorship. Modi is a leader who wants to hear information. You have never seen a leader like this. He patiently listened to comments on any topic. Amit Shah added that the Prime Minister does not consider the importance of the people as he values ​​the opinion of others.

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The charge that Prime Minister Modi is a dictator makes no sense. Modi’s cabinet is advancing in the most democratic way. But that does not mean that he makes all the decisions. Make decisions after listening to everyone and arguing with everyone. Modi will make the final decision after weighing the pros and cons. The Union Interior Minister said the reason was that he was the prime minister.

Always paying attention to people’s affairs helps Modi stay in power. He will always focus on the unfinished. This caution against the country, the people, and the poor is rare among other leaders. Amit Shah said his achievements in the past eight years surpassed the achievements of the entire congressional regime.

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Meanwhile, farmers are stepping up their protest against the BJP over the Lakhimpu incident. The farmers demanded the removal of the accused Union Interior Minister, Ajay Mishra. Tuesday will be Farmers’ Martyrdom Day. Farmers from different parts of the country will come to Lakhimpur Kheri to be part of the protest. The coffins of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah will be burned across the country on the 15th of Dussehra. The train will be blocked across the country on the 18th. The Kisan Morcha said that the Mahapanchayat will be organized on the 26th as part of the protest against the Uttar Pradesh government.

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UP police arrested Ashish Mishra, son of Union Interior Minister Ajay Mishra, in connection with the incident. He was detained after 12 hours of questioning. Police said the defendant was not cooperating with the questioning. Ashish Mishra has admitted that the vehicle that killed the farmers was his. But Ashish claims he was not in the vehicle. He has been charged with murder.

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