Amitabh Bachchan-Ajay Devgan’s film will have to overcome three big challenges!

Runway 34, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan and Rakulpreet, is set to premiere on Friday. In addition to playing the lead role of the commercial pilot, Ajay himself directs the film, the story of which is said to be inspired by the true events of the blind landing. Boman Irani is seen in a negative role in the film. The story of the film is actually a fatal landing of a passenger plane in bad weather. The pilot had no choice but to land the plane full of passengers with as little damage as possible. The plane crashes. And then the investigation sits. History like Runway 34 has happened in the country. In 2015 something similar happened with the Doha-Kochi flight of the Jet airline.

After all, why and how a blind landing was necessary in such incidents, how dirty politics is done in the airline business and even the safety of passengers is put at stake for commercial profit – this will be shown in the film. . The audience of the movie coming on Eid is eagerly waiting. Ittefaq was the last film to star Ajay Devgan in the lead role. Also in this, he played the role of a fighter pilot. However, the film about the bravery of the Indian Air Force with Pakistan was a flop. After this Ajay appeared in RRR. This is Ajay’s first major movie to hit theaters after the pandemic. However, they have to overcome three big challenges. Let us know what those challenges are.

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track 34

#one. Kgf 2 Biggest Headache

The Hindi version of Yash and Sanjay Dutt starring KGF 2 is also hot at the box office for a second week. On the second Friday and Saturday, the film got a business of Rs 11.56 crore and Rs 18.25 crore respectively. That is, the film has earned more than 30 million rupees. The film has taken less time to earn 300 million rupees. KGF 2 will also have a strong impact in the third week. That is, Yash will continue to occupy many screens in theaters. Especially when it comes to tier 2, tier 3, and single screen cities, it’s safe to say that Yash will continue to dominate. There will also be pressure to improve the content of the track. If the film is weak, its fate may be like Shahid Kapoor’s t-shirt.

#two. clash with heropanti 2

The second biggest problem for Ajay Devgn’s Runway 34 is the box office clash with Tiger Shroff-Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tara Sutaria’s Heropanti 2. Heropanti 2 is an action entertainer. Tiger and Nawaz have their own class. The first part of Heropanti was a success. The second part has been tried to be exciting as well. Who will succeed is a question for later, but the clash appears to be triangular and in such a situation it is certain that everyone will suffer from each other. KGF 2 has nothing to lose now, the movie helmet is out.

The biggest problem is with Runway 34 and Heropanti 2. The challenge for both movies will be capturing the screen and displaying them. It doesn’t look like the Ajay and Tiger movies can get as much screen time as they hoped. The failure of the screen will be considered a clear sign that the commercial plans of the films will be affected. However, who will be harmed and who will benefit remains to be seen.

#3. Ajay Devgan’s image and the damage of current political controversies

The challenge for catwalk 34 of the Eid holiday weekend could also be the face of Ajay. The audience doesn’t like Ajay Devgan very much because of his proximity to the BJP. It is also not very clear if he will go to see his movie or not. A situation is also being created by the current political dispute around religious things. The controversy between Hanuman Chalisa and Ajan gains strength. Especially in Mumbai, Maharashtra, which is Bollywood’s biggest business territory, there is tension due to Raj Thackeray’s threats on May 3.

If the Hanuman Chalisa and Ajan controversy escalated and if there is any kind of riot, then the possibility of affecting the movie business cannot be ruled out. Because the noise of all this controversy is more visible in the cities. Depending on the safe environment of the cities, the public leaves home to see the film. If the atmosphere remains tense, it will be difficult for theaters to sell tickets.

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