Amitabh Bachchan’s character in ‘Jhund’ will play the heroes backwards

The movie ‘Jhund’, which will be released in theaters on March 4th, will prove to be important in many ways. From the perspective of the hero and director of this film, such a successful cocktail is rarely seen in the film industry. The Shahenshah of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan has the lead role in the film. He is going to do a character for the first time, which is a superhero of exploited and disadvantaged children. That man dedicated his whole life to making and shaping the future of Dalits and backward children living in the slums. Yes, we are talking about Vijay Barse, a retired sports teacher living in Nagpur, on whose life the movie Jhund is based. If you want to get acquainted with the talent of this film’s director, Nagraj Manjule, check out a recently released ‘Vaikunth’ anthology on Prime Video. It features Nagraj in the role of the lead and director. Apart from this, Munjle is also known for the Marathi blockbuster movies ‘Fandry’ and ‘Sairat’.

Amitabh Bachchan has the lead role in Nagraj Manjule’s highly anticipated film ‘Jhund’.

Director Nagraj Manjule is primarily known for his work in Marathi cinema. He has received the 58th National Film Award in the year 2010 for the movie ‘Pistulya’. In addition to this, he has received the National Award and the Indira Gandhi Award, Award for Best First Film for the film ‘Fandry’ in the year 2013. His most commented film, Sairat, received the 69th National Award in the year 2016. This The film was liked by the whole country. The tone of Dalit speech is always highlighted in his films. Whether it’s the story of a Dalit boy born into a family of pig farmers in the movie ‘Fandry’ who falls in love with a girl from a higher caste, or the love story of Archie and Parshya in the movie ‘Sairat’, which it leads them to a happy marriage even after reaching the end. Through these films, Nagraj has always attacked the roots of castism that has permeated society. This is the reason why he is seeing the enthusiasm of the audience for the movie ‘Jhund’.

Who is Vijay Barse?

Vijay Barse, a resident of Nagpur, was a sports instructor at a university. It was in 1999, one day he was going to college. He was raining a lot. To avoid getting drenched in water, he stood under a tree. He then saw that some children were playing in the field. From the view, the residents of the nearby slum seemed to be. He had no clothes on his body, but he was kicking a broken bucket in the mud like he was playing soccer. Vijay went to school. The next day he brought real football and asked those children to play a game of football. They all expressed their desire for him. After this, one by one hundreds of children who lived in the slum were gathered. After this, Vijay Barse founded ‘Slum Soccer’ with the help of some of his acquaintances. He was affectionately called slum football. His first match was held in 2001, in which 125 teams participated. Little by little it spread throughout the country. Even foreign children have joined.

Vijay Barse bought a piece of land for the children of ‘Slum Soccer’ with Rs 18 lakh from his retirement and turned it into a playground. Today, boys who come from the exploited and disadvantaged sections of his academy are making a name for themselves nationally playing soccer. One of them, Akhilesh, has also been selected in the Indian team, who later became the team captain. Not only that, his team also went to play in the World Cup of Slum Soccer that took place in Brazil. In the year 2012, Vijay Barse received the Real Hero Award for the improvement of poor children living in slums. Sachin Tendulkar had given this award to Barse with his own hands. Along with this, Vijay was invited as a guest on Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate Season 3 reality show. There he narrated the story of his struggle and achievements to the entire world. ‘Slum Soccer’ not only taught children how to play, but also saved them from entering the world of drugs and crime.

Why is Big B the first choice?

For the last five years, the discussion about ‘Jhund’ continues. In 2017, the news came that Nagraj Munjle was going to shoot a movie with Amitabh Bachchan. The film set was also prepared at the Sports Ground of Savitribai Phule University in Pune, but the shooting was unable to start. Meanwhile, the news came that because he was busy in many movies, Amitabh Bachchan refused to do the movie. So the movie stopped. If Nagraj had wanted, he could have made a movie with any other actor, but he didn’t. He waited because he wrote this movie with Big B in mind. He worked on the script for two years. That’s why he didn’t want to do a movie with any other actor. Along with this, Manjule is also said to be a big fan of Big B. He is the only actor in the film industry that I wish to work with. He even says that if Big B wasn’t in the movie, he wouldn’t even direct it.

A national icon in a dalit character

Amitabh Bachchan is the superhero of the century. Everyone is convinced of his acting skills. He has been seen in many types of characters. People have really liked the characters ranging from Angry Youngman to Police Officer. By becoming a coolie, he raised the voice of that class, which has no one to listen to it. But for the first time he will be seen in the role of a Dalit hero. The more eager the audience is to see him in this character, the more excited Amitabh Bachchan was before playing him. Mihir Pandya, a spokesman and film writer at the University of Delhi, said in a conversation with a website: ‘Nagraj Manjule’s first Hindi film ‘Jhund’ stars Amitabh Bachchan in the title role. Looking at Manjule’s background, it is speculated that his new film will definitely be caste-based and have a Dalit lead. Seeing a national icon like Amitabh in the role of a Dalit character can turn out to be a hotter scene than expected, and my guesses risk being wrong.

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