anas haqqani: There is no agreement on the Kashmir issue, ‘forget about the old’; The Taliban clarify their position on India: Ready to forget everything, do not meddle in the Kashmir issue The Taliban clarify their position on India


  • The Taliban have said they will not interfere in the Kashmir issue.
  • The statements heard in this regard are politically motivated
  • Cooperate with India

New Delhi: The Kashmir terror group has clarified its position on the Kashmir issue after India held diplomatic talks with the Taliban in power in Afghanistan. Taliban leader Anas Haqqani has said that the Kashmir issue is not within his jurisdiction and he does not want to interfere.

The Taliban leader’s statement comes amid fears that terrorism may escalate in Jammu and Kashmir as the Taliban escalate. Anas Haqqani has said that the new Taliban government in Afghanistan wants good relations with India, CNN – News 18 reported. Earlier, senior Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai made a similar statement.

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Meanwhile, the Taliban are reportedly still linked to Al Qaeda and Jaish-e-Muhammad, who are active in Jammu and Kashmir. The leaders of Jaish-e-Muhammad have been in talks with the Taliban to strengthen terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, according to various national media reports. UN agencies have confirmed that the Taliban have agreed to a peace agreement with the United States that says the Taliban should not be linked to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has issued a statement praising the Taliban for “liberating” Afghanistan, and has welcomed the Taliban to seize the territory, including Kashmir. Meanwhile, new reports are coming out.

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Anas Haqqani said that the Taliban were ready to push forward relations with India and everything that had happened in the past. Anasa Haqqani is the youngest son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder of the Haqqani Network, who has been with the Taliban since 1995. He said that the Taliban will not interfere in the internal affairs of Kashmir and hopes that other countries will not interfere in the internal affairs of Kashmir. Afghanistan.

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Anas Haqqani said that the Indian media is writing wrong things about themselves and this is making the atmosphere worse. The Taliban leader said the Taliban would not support Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and that the statements were politically motivated. “India has supported our enemy (the United States) for 20 years, but we are ready to forget everything.” The Taliban leader said the remaining Indians in Afghanistan were safe and moving forward together. He added that although there were concerns at first, now everyone is happy.

At a meeting chaired yesterday by the Prime Minister, however, he said that the attitude towards the Taliban should not be softened. The Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, and the national security adviser also attended the debate. According to India TV, the meeting decided to ask Indians who want to return from Afghanistan to prepare the ground for this and to only have unavoidable diplomatic talks with the Taliban.

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, had yesterday asked the Center to clarify its policy on whether the Taliban are a terrorist organization or not and why he had come to speak to them if it was a terrorist organization. But the Center has not yet given a direct answer to this question.

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