Animals in the garden: Building a hedgehog house!

For me, animals are simply part of the garden! Like Chirpy, I rejoice when I hear a small bird chirping loudly, the squirrel cheekily jumps from branch to branch or encounters a hedgehog in the twilight. In the summer I had discovered the prickly four-legged friend gleefully smouldering under my peach tree. Such encounters make me happy! It’s great when the animals experience the garden as much as at home, as I do. So I really want to build a small house for the hedgehog! For this purpose, I was able to test the Bosch Home & Garden products. There is no electricity in my garden and I am always looking for powerful battery devices.

You need these materials for the hedgehog house:

  • 2 wooden boards: 1.50 – 2.00 cm thick and FSC certified
  • 10 screws 3.50 x 30 mm
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • 2 hinges & 12 screws 3.50 x 20 mm
  • Battery screwdriver IXO from Bosch
  • Battery saw AdvancedCut 18 from Bosch
  • Grinding sponges from Bosch

Before you start

Before you start your actual project, you should try the tools in peace. Since I have the saw completely new and I have never held it in my hand before, I first take some old pieces of wood and test the device on it. This gives you a feel for the tool and the later piece of construction does not get crooked and crooked. Until I had to figure out how to put the saw on properly and work with minimal effort, a few boards had to believe in it 🙂

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Step 1

First, the dimensions are recorded with pencil on the back of the boards. The walls are 40 x 30 cm each. The roof should easily survive on all sides. Therefore, the dimensions are 50 x 40 cm. Now the entrance is still missing. This is 10 x 10 cm. It should not be much larger, so that no uninvited guests come into the house. The inner wall (dimensions 20 x 29) is also intended for this purpose.

Step 2

Ran to the saw! Actually, it’s hard to get excited about technology, but the AdvancedCut 18 really impressed me! The chainsaw in handbag format has so much power! The saw blade glides like butter through the wood – jigsaw byebye I say only 🙂 At an unbelievable speed I had cut out all the parts for the hedgehog house. wow!

Step 3

So that I don’t get any trouble from the construction supervision and prickly complaints of the hedgehog family intrude, all boards, corners and edges were still well smeared with the grinding sponges. After all, I do not want the little quadrupeds to get injured by protruding wooden shards.

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Step 4

Ran to the cordless screwdriver! Now all components are connected to each other. To do this, I turn 2 screws into the boards. The inner wall is placed directly next to the entrance. So that the roof can be easily opened and closed again, I have fixed it with two small hinges. The topping-out ceremony can already rise!

The perfect location for the hedgehog house

Even a hedgehog has its requirements and wants a 1A location for his winter quarters! For him to settle in his house, there are a few tips for you. First of all, he feels most comfortable in a natural garden with dead wood corners and hedges! Settling a hedgehog in a too neat garden is an impossibility, this tenant likes it wild!

  • The little cottage now comes to a shady, quiet and sheltered place in your garden. It is best to go exactly where the animals prefer to stay: in hedgerows and bushes.
  • It is important that the hedgehog house is situated with the entrance to the weather-facing side. Not that it’s raining in.
  • Now it gets cozy, because the house still has to be filled with warming material. You can use dry foliage from the garden or you can get hay and sawdust. Also on the house you should give an insulating layer of foliage and attach it with branches.
  • Even if it is difficult, one must under no circumstances open the house to see if a hedgehog has “moved in”. That would, at worst, drive him out.
  • The very young hedgehogs, who were born only in the second litter, often eat their winter bacon until November. They need our support! If you just have plenty of snails in the garden, they’re happy about it. Otherwise you can place a bowl with damp cat food near the hedgehog house.
  • Order must be: next spring, when the hedgehog has moved out by May at the latest, the cottage will be cleaned.

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