Antim Movie: Earning only Rs 30 crore in the first week is a disgrace for Salman Khan!

Some people are calling Aayush Sharma-Salman Khan’s Final: The Final Truth a superhit. The collection figures are being shared so after a long time Salman’s movie hitting theaters has changed all the math by creating a storm at the box office. What are the box office numbers for Ultimate Bhai? Rs 5.03 crore on the first day, Rs 6.03 crore on the second day, Rs 7.55 crore on the third day Rs 3.24 crore on the fourth day. That is, a total of Rs 29.35 crore in the first week. Can this be considered a good box office return in terms of “Salman’s movie”? That too when the film was often considered best by critics and was also rated as a powerful artist.

Whatever the collection of the latter, it is neither an achievement nor a defeat for Ayush. The entire campaign of the latter was conducted in the name of Salman. Starwar was also seen between John Abraham and Salman. Can it be denied that most of the audience hit theaters for the last viewing just because of Salman Khan? Imagine how bad it could have been at the box office if Mahesh Manjrekar’s management hadn’t just featured Salman Khan?

If Salman is looking to the future at the box office, then only from John Abraham. If the latter is successful, only in Satyamev Jayate 2’s match. Actually, the latter’s gains are not in terms of Salman’s stardom. It would be correct to say disaster. In terms of income, Salman appears to be buried under his own burden. Look at it carefully.

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The feedback Salman is receiving from the audience is alarming.

The final was released on around 3,400 screens across the country. The competition at the box office was complete, sometimes it was definitely there. But in a tough fight, a Salman movie could have as many screens as it could. Remember Saif Ali Khan-Rani Mukherjee’s Bunty Aur Babli 2, starring Yash Raj Films, barely got 2000-2500 screens. And the movie also hit the box office in a week. The display was according to Salman, but what came out of his collection? Here, the excuse of 50 percent less viewership capacity in theaters in Corona or Maharashtra will not work. With the same audience potential, Akshay Kumar’s Suryavanshi earnings are a good case study.

Sooryavanshi appeared on more than four thousand screens in the first week. In the fourth week of Akshay’s movie, compared to the first week of the last, it was 71 lakhs on the first day, 1.43 million rupees on the second day, 2.05 million rupees on the third day. It can be assumed that when the last one is at 3400 screens in the first week, how many screens will Sooryavanshi get in the fourth week? Maybe a thousand or less. But collections say the movie’s pace is high even in week four.

Salman’s film Woh Bhi, which hit 3,400 screens, makes just 29 million rupees in a whole week. Remember: all of Salman’s previous Mahaflop films had garnered that much collection in just a day and a half. Even Tubelight and Race did. While both films were taken off by critics. Will remember. It happened so badly that Salman even had to express his regret. While parts of the final came out with a “free-throated eulogy”, a great word-of-mouth spectacle. Corona may have changed the situation, but the latter’s earnings cannot be considered sufficient in any case. This is a disaster. Inadequate and disastrous because there is no room for any excuse for the latter. Yes, if Salman wasn’t in the movie, then it wouldn’t hurt to consider this extraordinary gain.

Salman’s stardom was not shown with the latter. They have failed. Yes, he was definitely twenty years old from Satyamev Jayate 2 and John Abraham. But can it be considered in any case in favor of the elderly Salman on the acting front? Does your status at the box office have no end now? There is a difference between getting ahead of an actor and dragging the audience into the movie theater with their name. The way Bajrangi Bhaijaan has been dragging audiences to theaters, at least it didn’t show up with the last one. The collection of the last is testimony. Salman’s stardom is in jeopardy.

Salman was in last, much better was expected of him. Like Sooryavanshi. These same Salman’s Tubelight, Race, Bharat had made record-breaking earnings over the weekend. Tubelight and Race were movies that were even called trash. But just for stardom, Salman made a lot of money at the box office. Even Bharat, despite being a weak movie, proved to be a successful movie by earning millions of rupees. Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, the audience crashed when OTT came along. But once again Salman made the fans stir.

It seems that the poor content of Salman’s films in a row has seriously damaged his stardom. Perhaps this is the reason why even though there was good word of mouth about the final, Salman’s audience did not go to the theater as before. If the audience had been broken, then the profit of the latter had to be much more than 30 million rupees. The signals that Salman is receiving from the audience and the box office cannot be called correctly. Maybe they understand.

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