Anupamaa TV Serial remains at the top of the TRP charts for these four reasons!

The door-to-door reach of the small screen, that is, television, makes it much bigger than the big screen. This is the reason why movie stars, who have long overlooked its popularity, now happily want to be seen here. Many great stars of the world of cinema became more popular than ever after hitting the small screen. Amitabh Bachchan can be considered the greatest example of this. When his career was on the decline.

When he was fascinated by the cake, then it was the small screen that supported him. After that there was a line of stars. Be it Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, each star is eager to appear on television. The race for the TRP on television is well known. Every show or serial seen here has to participate in this race. Right now, Star Plus’s ‘Anupama’ series has stayed at number one on the TRP charts for a long time.

The story of the TV series ‘Anupama’ revolves around the life of a housewife, Anupama Shah. She tries to keep everyone in the house happy due to her work and behavior. Like the traditional Indian woman, she tries to demonstrate her success in every character. She always proves her worth in the role of a good wife, mother, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law. But the family follows its own course. The husband has an extramarital affair. Children are busy in their life.

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Anupama can be easily traced everywhere in the complicated history of a united family. This story seems appropriate for most people who live in a middle class family. Especially more to those women, who dedicate themselves to fulfilling the dreams of their family and husband, sacrificing their personal happiness and their dreams. This show is generally seen in every household on Star Plus. His upcoming episodes are being discussed on social media, which tells the story of his popularity.

Let us know why these TV series are so popular…

1. Realistic story

Rajan Shahi brought ‘Anupama’ to television screens in July last year. It is the Hindi remake of popular Bengali TV show ‘Srimoi’. Rajan Shahi had previously produced a Marathi show called ‘Aai Kuthe Ke’. He wanted the Hindi audience to see this story too. Because of this ‘Anupama’ was born. The TV series ‘Anupama’ starring Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey and Madalsa Sharma has ruled the hearts of the audience ever since and remains number one on the TRP chart. Anupama tells the story of a housewife who is deeply in love with her husband and her family. She always dedicated to them. But when she finds out about her husband Vanraj Shah’s infidelity, her ground slips under her feet. After learning this truth, Anupama decides to get away from Vanraj. Anupama is an extraordinary story of an ordinary woman.

2. Characters that look like you

The story of ‘Anupama’ is similar to the story of every middle class family. This is the reason why all of his characters feel like their own. He looks like someone from our own family. Each character has a different story of their own. Its expansion is the world of this series, which fascinates people’s minds. Whether it’s Anupama or Vanraj, or Babuji, Baa, Kavya, Pakhi, Samar, Paritosh, Kinjal and Dolly, each character works to bring the audience to their level. The happiness of each character feels his own happiness and her pain. This is the reason why people fall in love with this series very quickly. Its characters and its history create curiosity.

3. Best All-Star Cast

The important condition for the success of a movie, series or serial is how successful the selection of its star cast has been. If the filmmaker or the serial has chosen the star cast according to his story, he understands that he has won half the battle. In this case, the filmmakers of ‘Anupama’ are in luck. He has cast a huge all-star cast, working to add the moon to the series. Along with Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Madalsa Sharma, actors like Ashish Mehrotra, Nidhi Shah, Paras Kalnawat, Muskan Bamne, Anagha Bhosle, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Tasneem Sheikh, Jasvir Kaur, and Shekhar Shukla have major roles in this series. Each artist has portrayed her character well. Seeing it, it seems that she was born for this character. The selection of actors according to the character is an important reason for the success of the series.

4. Mix of Modernity and Tradition

It can be said that ‘Anupama’ is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The creators of the series have created the character of Anupama very well. He made it very effective. She is a woman who supports her children in her decisions. She has a modern approach towards relationships. She doesn’t let old stereotypes ruin the relationship. The ongoing struggle between modernity and tradition in this era has been well shown in this series. If you also want to understand this, definitely check out this show.

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