Are Bluetooth headphones harmful? What is reality?


  • Some Health Benefits of Using Bluetooth Headphones Regularly
  • Some things to keep in mind, including pregnant women

The headphones were put together tomorrow. More than half of mobile phone users are regular headphone users. These headphones are essential for talking on the phone and listening to music. Wireless headphones are now used more frequently than normal headphones, that is, those that connect via Bluetooth.

The general assessment is that frequent use of Bluetooth headphones is harmful to health. There are many reports that its long-term use can be detrimental to your brain health. Many studies suggest that this may be the source of the cancer. But it remains to be seen how realistic this is.

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Are Bluetooth headphones dangerous?

Experts have claimed that wearing more Bluetooth headsets and smaller headphones can increase radiation to the brain and cause cancer. Experts say that because headphones are generally inserted into the ear, all the major tissues in the area are exposed to high radio frequencies.

Numerous studies have shown that the use of these Bluetooth headphones can cause serious health problems and the electromagnetic waves that pass through them can cause fatal diseases.

Pregnant women need more attention:

Some argue that prolonged use of these devices and appliances during pregnancy can have very damaging effects, which can increase risk during pregnancy. Additionally, studies show that babies are born with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and are at increased risk of developing brain tumors.

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But some say that the radiation emitted by headphones is very low compared to devices such as mobile phones.

Some observations suggest that Bluetooth headphones can increase the risk of cancer and cause a variety of neurological disorders and DNA damage. However, studies are being carried out in this regard. More evidence is needed to substantiate these allegations.

Therefore, it is not possible to say whether the use of such headphones is completely dangerous or not. However, there are observations that they can cause a variety of health problems, so it is best to ignore them and use them with a bit of caution.


* Keep headphones / phones / other devices away from your body when not in use.

* Never sleep in bed with gadgets

* Reduce the use of your headphones to make phone calls or watch videos.

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