Are tickets for KGF 2 also available for free? Why are people freaking out on Twitter?

Yash’s leading man, KGF 2, has managed to entertain the audience in a tremendous way. The film, made in five languages ​​including Kannada-Hindi, has grossed over Rs 500 crore in the opening four-day weekend. Even the Hindi version of the film alone seems to be within striking distance of the record earning of Rs 200 crore in four days. Needless to say, KGF 2 is coming out of theaters and seen in many guises. Yash’s scene is being copied from the movie. Funny memes are being made about the characters and their dialogues. There’s even a commercial campaign running to cash in on the hype generated by KGF 2.

Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about free KGF 2 tickets on Twitter. Basically, Free KGF2 Tickets is a commercial campaign of a native social network application. In the Free KGF2 Tickets trend, you will see hundreds of tweets, where the reactions related to giving free tickets come from. Actually behind this are the strategies of Mim Chat Private Limited Company. The company has announced on April 15 that it will give away movie tickets to all its employees, trainees. But for the people on Twitter who are getting upset about the movie tickets, the reason is up ahead in the announcement.

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Yash in KGF 2.

Who and how gets free tickets?

In fact, along with the employees, the trainees, the management of the company has also announced that all new users who download Meem Chat will also get tickets for Yash’s KGF 2. Information can be accessed in the Mim Chat app and free tickets can be claimed after download. Yash’s free movie ticket announcement has also been shared on the app’s Twitter handle. In fact, the company is giving away tickets to employees and users on its behalf. Needless to say, the company is cashing in on Yash’s popularity through the campaign. You will definitely get new subscribers from the campaign. Information about how many subscribers will be available will be known correctly after a day or two.

Those who have seen the film are expressing regret.

Because KGF 2 tickets are obtained for free, there is no room for happiness for many users. One user wrote: Man, since when was he waiting to see this movie and now he’s getting free tickets too. Another user wrote: The announcement that has been made to give free tickets is really a very good job. We salute you (free ticket company). Another wrote: This movie failed them all. A great movie, now also available for free. At the same time, some people also regret that they missed the beneficial opportunity. Because he had already seen the movie buying tickets with his own money before the announcement of such an offer.

What is Mimchat app?

memchat is a social application for entertainment Here users have the option to create funny memes of different topics. There is also the possibility of earning money in exchange for memes. The user also has the option of a meme chat board to chat with. Meem Chat app is completely indigenous app. The company had received investments worth millions of dollars last year. Mim Chat also received the award for best app in the Self-Sufficient App Innovation Challenge. The app was launched in the year 2019. It has been prepared by Indian Young Entrepreneurs. It was jointly developed by Taran Chanana and Kyle Fernandez. They are both friends.

It has been downloaded by more than five million people on Playstore. There are 59 thousand reviews here and users have rated 4.6. There are over half a million memes on memchat. Mimchat is also a partner of OTT players like Alt Balaji, Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

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