Are Zero Covid Cases Possible?

By Bhadra chandran

There is reportedly a cure for Kovid cases in Vidarbha, Maharashtra. In 11 districts of Vidarbha, very few cases of Kovid have been reported in the last four weeks. But in light of the third wave of Kovid, the state government has yet to relax its restrictions, the Times of India reports.

Municipal corporations such as Pune and Nagpur had already issued concession notices. If the test positivity rate is less than 0.3%, Vidarbha district collectors and municipal commissioners are expected to award concessions. But such changes have not occurred in municipal districts or corporations.

Compared to Nagpur and Pune, Bhavdara and Gondia, the rural and tribal districts of the Vidarbha region are quite different from Kovid. However, these districts have more restrictions than the cities of Pune and Nagpur.

Of the 14,000 tests carried out in the last 24 hours in the Vidarbha region, only 34 cases were positive. No new cases were reported in Bhandara, Wardha, Gondia and Washim districts on Tuesday. However, Yavatmal (1), Akola (2), Nagpur, Chandrapur, Gadchiroli (5 each) and Buldhana (6) were reported. In Amravati district alone, the number of cases was 10.

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Almost two weeks have passed since schools in rural Vidarbha reopened. The report would have been prepared if the situation had been worse or if there had been a significant increase in cases. But not yet. The Vidarbha region deserves more concessions. The issue is raised repeatedly in all meetings ”. – Said a senior member of the Kovid Working Group.

The number of Kovid patients treated in Bhandara district during the past three days was reported to be zero. Gondia is also preparing to become a Kovid case-free district. However, experts say that it is not scientifically possible to bring all districts to this level.

“The authorities hope to provoke a situation of ‘covid zero’. This means that there are not complete cases of Kovid in all districts of the Vidarbha region. This is stupid and unscientific. That is why we have already wasted two months of economic activities in Vidarbha ”. – Infection Specialist Dr. Nitin Shinde said.

At the same time, epidemiologist Anand Thatte is of the opinion that ‘zero covid’ is just a hypothetical situation.

“The virus will last forever. It will continue to affect people. As long as there is an increase in cases, hospitalizations, a lack of oxygen and a shortage of ventilators, it does not make sense to say that the number of Kovid cases is decreasing,” he said.

Is the Vidarbha region leading the way in vaccination?

According to the Maharashtra Department of Public Health, the population of 11 districts in the Vidarbha region is 2,55,12,946. Of these, 1,89,02,637 were older than 18 years and eligible to receive the vaccine. Of these, 65,25,609 had taken their first dose as of July 30.

The government began administering the vaccine on January 16. The vaccination lasted 196 days until July 30.

‘Of the total population, 25.58% received 2 doses of vaccine. 34.52% of eligible people have received a single dose of vaccine. It is estimated that an average of 33,294 people are vaccinated every day in this region. – Reports from The Times of India.

‘The current vaccination figures are slow. We strive for at least 60%. The third wave is expected to be 1.5 times the strength of Kovid’s second wave. So we have to prepare. People should get vaccinated as soon as possible. All social organizations must promote immunization in times of war. – Vidarbha Hospital Association Coordinator, Dr. The Times of India reported that Anoop Marar said.


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