Arjun Kapoor, who came out in protest against the public boycott, has run after the flying arrow!

Hello Arjun Babu! One, none of his movies worked on their own. You left this bombshell in him that ‘this is happening more’. All of us, i.e. the movie world, should be united against this #Boycott trend! … hello daiya go wari! I have not seen so much courage in any other topic, nor why. Look, you don’t know much about your studies, but your math is weak, because this is not a movie world where only the hero will win in the end. You do not understand! This is the world of the common man and when he says in Bollywood style Aata Majhi Satkali, a movie worth crores goes up in smoke and a movie worth lakhs earns crores.

Arjun Kapoor’s argument about boycotting Bollywood is very childish and Bollywood as an industry will have to bear the brunt.

so much caress in imitation

Let’s come back later, first tell me who are you showing anger to and about what? Laal Singh Chaddha – The film has been copied scene after scene and in the name of its creativity bills have been torn up on the same old themes, so why is your inner artist crying after all? If you want to see a good movie, then watch the original! Tom Hanks. You want asafetida, not alum and sharp color! What is it that you have spoiled earning a hundred crores and say that not even the blood reaches your mouth, the same thing has happened to all of you!

Garbage in the name of history

You can say about being united with this thug today only because brother, we have spoiled your habit. I mean, even in basepar movies, we used to drink through popcorn and cold drinks. Dancing to the songs of Chhichhore, Katrina-Kareena present boozy tandoori chicken and Sheela’s youth is awakened! You guys have made money this stupid way and made it so big that today Kareena Kapoor had the courage to say, ‘You guys made us, don’t watch the movie!’ Now we have decided not to look! So Babu, why do you dance, the wasp dance?

This mouth and lentils

Look, there is no intention to insult you directly, but rest assured that you are fine with the modeling material because acting is not known to you. There is a feeling of being chewed with cold naan on behalf of the facial expression. But jai ho nepotism, that also keeps you in the category of actor and also gives you a job, otherwise talent is not lacking.

Yes, and we are not even forgetting Sushant Singh Rajput, who has been singled out by a group like you to such an extent that he has bid farewell to this world. The rich are a bunch of illiterate people who are proud of his looks and money, and that is the arrogance that comes through in his statement.

consequences of not working

Now look, you’ve done the whole industry on behalf of the people, you make movies, you make entertainment with art and if you become a millionaire in all of this, then we’re not a problem. Innocent people are also happy to give you 400 rupees worth of popcorn on a 250 rupees ticket. In return, you do your own business. Don’t make the display of your intelligence selective. Deepika went to promote the movie with the tukde tukde gang, Aamir is afraid of Hindustan, what is the meaning of brother?

If you give your opinion, give your opinion on every issue, even when Hindus were killed in Kashmir and Dalit children were beaten, even when there is a temple, a mosque, and even when a girl was raped and yes, the head was severed of the head. body too. The selective social response is opportunism, not bravery.

sensible moviegoers

Do you understand what is written? You wouldn’t have come because you were no longer part of sensible movies. Listen, in the last two years only big movies have been stopped from filming and the premiere postponed, but the entertainment came to us. The best stories, directing, acting, all through the web series, the complete package you see! And bonus in world cinema, Japanese Korean series everything… The same in the Jio Platinum plan until home!

what to understand!

If you get flowers, then mud will come to you too. Otherwise, make your own and watch the movie for yourself! By the way, you can also talk because nobody is going to see you like that, even if it’s a boycott, you need commercial success and popularity. So go play Unity Unity!

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