Aryan Khan Case: The solidarity of Shah Rukh-Salman’s fans in the disaster is a new story!

Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, arrested in the Mumbai cruise drug case, does not appear to be in trouble. Aryan’s name in the drug case appears to be affecting Bollywood’s reputation. There is also the possibility of a raid on Aryan’s home, Mannat. Actually, there is a provision for home search of the accused in the NDPS Act. That is, after Aryan’s arrest, the NCB team may also conduct a search operation on his home. However, the powerful Bollywood section seems to be strongly supporting Shahrukh Khan. The stars show their support for King Khan. Shahrukh is also trying to remove the son from custody. Currently, the focus of his legal team is on Aryan’s bail.

On the other hand, the actor’s fans are busy filming for Pathan on social media and all the fan pages named after him are trying to create a better atmosphere in favor of the actor. Shah Rukh fans believe that the allegations against Aryan are completely unfounded and that he has been deliberately implicated. Many interesting things are being seen on social networks. The most interesting aspect of the Aryan case is also the result of the mutual relationship between Shahrukh and Salman. Aryan was arrested on October 3 after lengthy questioning by the NCB. Salman came to the home of actor “Mannat” overnight to support Shahrukh Khan in difficult times. Salman’s arrival at SRK’s house is a “special” event for SRK fans on social media. Many users praise Salman, calling him a big heart.

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Only Salman can save Aryan in the drug case, know the logic behind it!

There is also no shortage of people who are seen saying that there is only one Salman who can save Shahrukh and his son in this difficult time. This argument that comes to light on social networks is not accidental. Although Shahrukh’s relations with many BJP leaders are also better, Shahrukh’s image has been anti-BJP. But what’s famous about Salman Khan is that he has personal relationships with some of the BJP’s top leaders. Salman has also been seen flying kites with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although Salman is not deploying to save Aryan Khan, his departure at Mannat is fueling such discussions. Regardless, Aryan’s case has gone to court. Any relief they get depends on the decision of the court itself.

Why are Shah Rukh fans apologizing to Salman?

Until a few years ago, there was a stardom fight between Shahrukh and Salman. Both actors worked together, but for a long time there was a distance between the two. However, now the relationship has become normal. Evidence of this has also been seen in the Shahrukh-Salman bond on many public occasions. When Salman-Shahrukh’s relationship was bad, his fans didn’t miss the opportunity to humiliate each other either. Shahrukh fans are seen apologizing to Bajrangi Bhaijaan after Salman reached the vote. Apologizing to Salman, a fan wrote in the tweet: “Salman bhai, I am ashamed. I always criticized you for your grumpy fans. But you are a very nice person and friends with Shahrukh Khan. Now there is no one against you.” . I won’t even think to say a word. Brother, I apologize again. “Many of these tweets will be found in the trends related to the Aryan case.

An old video of Shahrukh Khan is also going viral on Twitter. In which he has said that if something bad ever happens to him or his family, Salman Khan will definitely reach out to help. Users believe that Salman and Shahrukh’s relationship is like Karan Arjun’s. Shahrukh was on his feet whenever Salman needed him and now Salman is doing the same for King Khan. After Salman’s arrest, Shahrukh also came home.

What is happening in the Aryan case today?

In the drug case, NCB has conducted operations on the cruise ship even today. Banned drugs have been recovered. Along with this, eight more people have been arrested. According to our affiliate channel India Today, in the action on October 4, NCB arrested the person who used to supply drugs to Aryan and his friend. In this case, in addition to Mumbai, there are also reports of raids in Delhi, Bangalore and Goa. Today NCB has requested custody of Aryan Khan in court until October 11. Objectionable images have been found from Aryan’s phone. He was in contact with a large drug trade. Aryan’s case is being defended by Satish Manshinde in court. Satish defended Aryan’s innocence. Satish is among the best lawyers. He has fought the case of many movie stars.

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