Aryan Khan drug case: Shahrukh Khan shouldn’t even become Sunil Dutt

After the arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan in connection with the drug party on the cruise ship, a lot is happening. Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan are said to have failed to properly raise their son Aryan Khan to emerge as a better citizen. Of course, such a discussion is not correct at this time. Right now, the country is so expecting Shahrukh Khan that it will let the law run its course. If no charges are proven against Aryan, he will be released. Shakhrukh Khan is possibly the most important personality in India. The whole country wants him as an artist. He has also been related to a family of freedom fighters. His father, Taj Mohammad Khan, was a freedom fighter. The dream of an Islamic state separated from the Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah was fulfilled on August 14, 1947. But many Muslims like Taj Mohammad did not accept Jinnah’s Pakistan. Even after being a Muslim, he was denied citizenship of an Islamic country.

In the case of Aryan Khan’s drugs, the big question is also that Aryan was in the wrong company, how come Shahrukh didn’t find out?

That is why Taj Mohammad left Pakistan and came to India. Taj Mohammad Khan was a disciple of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, who was called Frontier Gandhi. He preferred to be a citizen of a secular country rather than an Islamic nation. So that you can understand the importance of the family Shahrukh Khan comes from. Questioning their patriotism would be a total mistake.

He also gave 25 lakh rupees to the then Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund at the time of the Kargil war. This is the year 2000. However, even before Shahrukh Khan, many famous personalities have had to be ashamed of their children’s antics. Gandhi’s eldest son, Harilal Gandhi, never married his father.

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He had profound differences with Bapu on many issues. He wanted to go to Great Britain to get a higher education. Like his father, he also aspired to be a lawyer. But Bapu did not want Harilal to go to study in Britain. Due to all these reasons, the distance between him and Bapu kept increasing. Those who say that Harilal was also a prostitute. He also used to do drugs.

A few years ago there was also a movie ‘Gandhi, My Father’ about the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and Harilal. It showed the discordant relationship between Bapu and his rebellious eldest son. The film showed the battle of ideals between father and son. The movie ‘Gandhi my father’ is not the story of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, but of Harilal and his father Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Gandhiji did not sponsor Harilal for his wrongdoing. That is why he became the role model of the country. Sorry, but movie actor Sunil Dutt had proven to be weak on this front. His son and famous actor Sanjay Dutt himself was to blame for the 1993 bomb explosions in Mumbai. In the Mumbai attacks, 270 innocent civilians were killed and hundreds were disabled for life.

Properties worth hundreds of millions of rupees were destroyed. Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, was paralyzed for several days. After those explosions, Mumbai has never had the bright and fearless life that it was before. In fact, on March 12, 1993, there were bomb explosions in many places in Mumbai. When those horrible explosions occurred, the Mumbai Police Commissioner was MN Singh. The government belonged to Congress but the police commissioner was a tough officer.

He had also once said that if Sanjay Dutt had informed his father Sunil Dutt that he had weapons, there would have been no explosions in Mumbai. He said that Sunil Dutt would have definitely given this information to the police. But Sanjay Dutt did not do this. If only! If Sanjay Dutt had told his father the above information, then Mumbai would have been saved from the devastation. Then hundreds of innocent people would not have died, property worth billions of rupees would not have been destroyed.

There was a long Supreme Court case against the Mumbai blast defendants. After hearing that case, the Supreme Court found Sanjay Dutt guilty. Sanjay Dutt gave all the arguments in his defense, he got great moisture-loving lawyers paying thousands of rupees, but his arguments were rejected by the court. Following this, the Supreme Court sentenced Sanjay Dutt to six years in rigorous prison.

Sanjay Dutt was convicted of attempting to obtain illegal weapons from Abu Salem and Riyaz Siddiqui, keep them in their home, and finally destroy them after the explosions and riots. According to the evidence presented in court, these weapons were part of the same arsenal that was acquired through Pakistani terrorists to be used during the bomb explosions and the attack in Mumbai.

Sanjay Dutt had said in his statement in court: ‘I was concerned for the safety of my family. So this was the reason for keeping these illegal and smuggled weapons. I was terrified and did this after some people told me. ” Sadly, an actor turned leader of Congress and later a minister in the UPA government, Sunil Dutt had also struggled to save his beloved.

His type of conduct was not to the liking of most people across the country. On the one hand he used to talk about peace and brotherhood and on the other hand he was trying to save his son trapped in all serious charges. Now Shahrukh Khan will also have to lead by example. You will have to adopt a neutral attitude in this whole matter, for the law to do justice to the Aryans.

Doing so will increase the country’s respect for them. Right now, the whole country feels sympathy for Shahrukh Khan and the parents who become drug victims.

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